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What’s in A Name Folks?

Wheat Germ Agglutinin is not a term most of us are familiar with, it is not signposted in the supermarket for you to easily find…. and I have not seen it advertised as being on special lately. It is there … Continue reading

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Who Owns What in this World of Spider Web Controls?

Who owns what? and more importantly Who Owns You?   So you like Vegemite on toast – you must be an Aussie. Others prefer a nice jam, or honey or even a spreadable cheese  like Velveeta. I used to like toast … Continue reading

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TODAYS RANT – I was addicted to bread

TODAYS RANT: (From Elaine Hollingsworth p.65 Take Control of your Health) …… the original wheat seeds are treated with mercury poison, and in storage bins cyanogen gas is sprayed on them. Later, bakers saturate the dough with mycoban or calcium … Continue reading

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