Who Owns What in this World of Spider Web Controls?

fathers worldcCCCWho owns what? and more importantly Who Owns You?   So you like Vegemite on toast – you must be an Aussie. Others prefer a nice jam, or honey or even a spreadable cheese  like Velveeta. I used to like toast with baked beans  (Heinz of course) – not much use to me these days – but they are still ‘fond childhood memories’.

Food is such a big issue. Is it safe to eat – I mean who does not remember the Chinese (plastic in the milk) scare of 2008? What about the fake meat Chinese style of course? Then there was (and is) the Meat Glue Scandal we are being ripped off! Lastly we should not ignore all the E. coli outbreaks reported on by the FDA as example – happening in and from contaminated ordinary everyday foods we eat. Is it any wonder many homemakers are buying raw and fresh, and preferring to cook at home?

I bet you thought when all the kafuffle broke over the danger of cigarettes, and people started giving up the habit in droves, the health of the nation would somehow begin to improve – I know naively I did. I am a reformed smoker. I did my research and fought my own personal demons – and then finally with help (another story) I was able to stop smoking ‘cold turkey’ – that was over 5 years ago.  I admit that I find the smell of cigarettes quite ugly these days – and often wonder how my husband – a non smoker himself managed to stay around. I was not able to give up the first time, the second time or the fifth time, because in case you did not know the chemicals used in the cigarettes (not the tobacco itself) are highly addictive, made that way deliberately, so that you and I the user, do not want to stop using them, even though our minds know how bad they are for us.

But what you may be asking yourself have food and cigarettes got in common? – stick around and I will show you.

I was very surprised to learn, doing my research, that the big tobacco companies knew what was coming down the line, and decided to diversify – after all it is all about money…. so we have to keep the shareholders happy or we will be out of a job and our retirement plan will shrink to an micro measure of its former self.

Those tobacco people were terribly clever in their heydaysthey bought and paid for scientist to find ways to make their cigarette products more appealing to the general public. But when they saw the writing on the wall, and decided to diversify – where do you thing they headed? RIGHT to the food industry – after all everyone has to eat don’t they!

I jest not – Philip Morris (by way of example) – think Marlboro – Virginia Slims – Benson & Hedges – decided it was time to reinvest elsewhere, and after a series of mergers and what nots – a new company was formed – today it is known as  Philip Morris International. and even there – you will find a story of intrigue.

Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) (NYSE: PM) is an American global cigarette and tobacco company, with products sold in over 200 countries with 15.6% of the international cigarette market outside the United States.

Until a spin-off in March 2008, Philip Morris International was an operating company of Altria Group. Altria explained the spin-off, arguing PMI would have more “freedom” outside the constraints of US corporate ownership in terms of potential litigation and legislative restrictions to “pursue sales growth in emerging markets.”[1] The shareholders in Altria at the time were given shares in PMI, which was listed on the London Stock Exchange and other markets.

The company is headquartered in New York City, but does not operate in the United States, with Philip Morris brands there still owned by PMI’s former owner Altria. (source)

Philip Morris purchased Kraft in 1988, combining the company a year later with its other food unit, General Foods Corp. to form Kraft General Foods. The company was later reorganized to form Kraft Foods Inc. in 1995. (source)

I believe only those with food industry ties and those that follow the stock exchange would be aware that their current (or former) tobacco manufacturer also makes their cheese spread amongst other things, which they lavish on their morning toasty! You now know that tobacco manufacturers went to the scientists and paid them to find just the right additives, in the right amounts and proportions that could be blended into the tobacco, rolled into a cigarette and made so ‘more-ish’  that it was not simply irresistible, but it was a MUST HAVE OR ELSE. The on-line dictionary I looked at defines this as addiction.

………..the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

Ask any smoker trying to give up, it does cause severe trauma in one way or  another. I can vouch for that! So why is it that they are so addictive?  LINK

The   list of 599   additives approved by the US Government for use in the manufacture of   cigarettes is something every smoker should see. Submitted by the five major   American cigarette companies to the Dept. of Health and Human Services in   April of 1994, this list of ingredients had long been kept a secret.Tobacco   companies reporting this information were:
   American   Tobacco Company –    Brown and Williamson –    Liggett   Group, Inc.
Philip   Morris Inc. –    R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

While these ingredients are approved as additives for foods, they were not tested by burning them, and it is the burning of many of these substances which changes their properties, often for the worse.

I know most reading this are well aware that their smokes were filled with chemicals and the addiction was done deliberately, by these companies, to sell more cigarettes and make more money. But the food supply is not like that – after all we can choose what to buy and eat can’t we. The doctors consistently tell us, to lose weight we simply have to eat less and exercise more. If we give up that cheese spread on the morning toast, don’t eat those cheezels and potato chips, deny ourselves those meat pies and sausage rolls, toss away the soft drinks and drink water instead – then all will be well and obesity will disappear as fast as it arrived. It is all simply a matter of self denial aka self control.

So as not to offend anyone group in particular I am not going to enter into the discussion about calories in versus calories out… or negative output! If that is what you want to hear, then I suggest you use your search engine because you won’t find it in this blog.

Conspiracy theories are usually grounded in reality just takes a bit of digging sometime to get to the roots. In this case it was posited that the food manufactures/companies were at war. Each wanted, needed and desired a larger share of the public’s bank balance and hence their waist lines. It really does not take long to find the truth in that statement.

Our limbic brains love sugar, fat, salt.… So formulate products to deliver these. Perhaps add low cost ingredients to boost profit margins. Then “supersize” to sell more.… And advertise/promote to lock in “heavy users.” —Bob Drane, former vice president for new business strategy and development at Oscar Mayer, quoted in Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us (Random House, 2013)

Limbic Brain – let’s see if I can get a simple explanation for us all:

The limbic system is the home of emotions, motivation, the regulation of memories, the interface between emotional states and memories of physical stimuli, physiological autonomic regulators, hormones, “fight or flight” responses, sexual arousal, circadian rhythms, and some decision systems. The limbic system is what gets “duped” when people get addicted to hard drugs. Because the addiction happens in the “lower,” “preconscious” portion of the brain, we cannot rationally consider its effects, and therefore recovery and relapse avoidance can be difficult. (source)

So cutting to the chase here – and in of all these, food is what I am referring to:-

Emotions about foodis it nice, tasty, more-ish? Why is it nice to eat? What is so special about it?

Memories about foodI remember and associate this with blah blah blah, perhaps a birthday party, an anniversary, some special event in the past, or simply football!

Whatever the reason, the food giants knew that if they could stimulate your receptors….. and they already had the scientific proof (paid for at their laboratories) that humans once trained, would want more salt, sugar and fat because it triggered unconscious emotions and memories (positive ones) then they had you hook line and sinker.

And that is what they set out to do – deliberately, as you dear customer are the asset for their shareholders and bank balance. The more you buy, the more you eat the higher the profits, and the more addicted you become – and this was all a profit driven exercise. However they did know that you would become addicted to their products.

Now if you become addicted to their foods, then some of you – in fact I would say a high percentage of you will put on weight, and that is exactly what happened. Ever tried to eat only one potato chip? A teaspoon full of ice cream? half of an Oreo cookie? To your brain those quantities simply do not compute.

What the cigarette manufacturers did to you – (what you only smoked one cigarette a week?) the food manufacturers are now doing, and all with the help of science laboratories and food chemicals to stimulate what they technically call The Bliss Point.

Food companies don’t want their customers to be obese, of course, but what they are dedicated to is increasing stomach share, or the market share within a food category. They’re certainly happy to use marketing techniques to do this, particularly up-and-down-the-street marketing where they get their product prominently displayed in every mom-and-pop shop and convenience store on a street. But processed-food companies increasingly turn to their legions of scientists to produce foods that we can’t resist. These food geeks tweak their products by varying the levels of the three so-called pillar ingredients—salt, sugar, and fat.

Why not just crank these ingredients up to 11 if we crave them so much? It turns out that although we generally do like more of them, when you go past a certain amount, we like the result less. That optimum amount of salt, sugar, or fat is called the bliss point. Scientists also adjust these ingredients as well as factors such as crunchiness to produce a mouth feel—that is, the way the food feels inside a person’s mouth—that causes consumers to crave more. Technologists can also induce a flavor burst by altering the size and shape of the salt crystals themselves so that they basically assault the taste buds into submission.

The holy grail of junk-food science is vanishing caloric density, where the food melts in your mouth so quickly that the brain is fooled into thinking it’s hardly consuming any calories at all, so it just keeps snacking. In the process, packaged-food scientists want to avoid triggering sensory-specific satiety, the brain mechanism that tells you to stop eating when it has become overwhelmed by big, bold flavors. Instead, the real goals are either passive overeating, which is the excessive eating of foods that are high in fat because the human body is slow to recognize the caloric content of rich foods, or auto-eating: that is, eating without thinking or without even being hungry. (The opposite problem is being over hungry, where you’re so ravenous that you’ll basically eat anything that’s put in front of you.) Either way, if you end up with a food baby, a distended stomach caused by excessive overeating, you’ve made a fast-food executive somewhere very happy. (source)

I know this is a very touchy subject, and I am sure some readers will never have considered themselves as an addict to the food giants – but sadly if you consume quantities of processed foods, then you can be assured that the manufacturers have invested a lot of money in their product, so you will consume it all and want more of it. After all, it’s only business!

To wrap up right now I share this diagram with you, so that you may see (in some measure) just how vast is the web encompassing business and the products you may use and take for granted. This deals only with KRAFT Food Inc., but remember who it is that owns them (Philip Morris – your former ‘let me get you addicted’ tobacco supplier) and every one of their products has been and is being manipulated to draw you further into their world wide web of addiction.

Remember that addiction quotation?

………….the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

Scientists now tell us that sugar is as addictive to the human brain as is cocaine……
and the food manufacturers knew! (source)

Kraft owns

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