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I have been found guilty too of extremism

It was a little like going gluten free. (I am not diagnosed celiac) My Mother was responsible for my attitude of –  if you are going to do something you may as well do it properly first time – saves on having to do … Continue reading

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What’s in A Name Folks?

Wheat Germ Agglutinin is not a term most of us are familiar with, it is not signposted in the supermarket for you to easily find…. and I have not seen it advertised as being on special lately. It is there … Continue reading

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Rectum, Oh Bother – Bottom

I never did find a polite way to describe the anus, the rectum, the colon, the intestines etc… so let’s stick with the more appropriate medical terminologies when referring to the opposite end of the digestive tract from where the … Continue reading

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Todays Rant – Processed Gluten Free Foods

Guess I ought not to rant twice in one day but I was reminded of this a few minutes ago on one of the Face Book Pages I subscribe to. What irked me was a memory of a conversation I … Continue reading

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