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Welcome to My Musings. I enjoy expressing an opinion and sharing conversations.

You can read what I am thinking at several places. My ‘General’ Musings and thoughts on day to day issues of importance to me can be found here.

I have a Great Love of The Lord Jesus Christ. You can find my Christian Musings here.

I am passionate about eating right – health issues – NOT taking drugs when natural substances can help you heal. Read about it here.

Sure hope you will call in and have a look around.

Cheer’s,  JustMEinT

7 Responses to About JustMEinT

  1. boldarnne says:

    Hi JustMeinT ,
    thank you for your work ! I so much agree with you . The rating was mine .
    Contact me if you like , I’m in NQLD and also live a natural lifestyle , grow a garden
    and buy as little as I can from shops . I support local market stalls and all organics .

    Love to hear from you !
    Greetings from
    Arne ( I am a woman despite my name )

  2. Mary Williamson says:

    Just finished reading Mary Enig book ” Know Your Fats” after reading the book” Alzheimer’s, What if there was a Cure” by Mary T Newport,MD. I have spent my life in the medical laboratory–as a technologist, and started these books with great skepticism. Both books impressed me. The Enig book got me looking on the internet and I stumbled onto this site. Like it. Magnesium citrate supplements have changed my health. I am know taking coconut oil each morning and cooking with it, replaced margarine with butter this month, also eating sprouted flax seed each day. I am not afraid of fat as of today–except trans fats. I grow my vegetables in the summer–organically–best way to eat them–the day you pick them. Eat wild coho salmon 2-3 times a week, grass fed beef 2 times a month, chicken once a week and eggs 3 times a week. I need a good pie crust that I can make easily for my blueberry,peach, and apple pies. Have been lazy and use the pillsbury crust form the cresent roll section of the grocery store. I do like the crust so do not want to give it up. Tried a crust recipe with coconut oil but did not turn out too well.

    Anyhow, will be checkin in ou this site.

    Mary (another Mary–but have not written a book—yet)

    • Hi ya Mary, do let me know when you get published. Try 50/50 butter coconut oil in your pie crust. YUM

    • mhikl says:

      Mary, check out (google) “milk of magnesia and club soda” where you will find a great way to sip your ‘iodised’ magnesium throughout the day. Magnesium saved my mum’s life when I stumbled upon (there was no stumbling, really, as I was on a quest) the magic of magnesium for her chronic potassium deficiency. (Imagine, all the doctors could told her was to eat more potatoes and bananas). And for such an understanding they take a seven year degree?

      Mum lived another 20 years without taking ambulances to hospital. They finally did her in (on mother’s day, to boot) when she was being assessed for independent living in a hospital apartment. They would administer her meds (yet she’s being assessed to live independently?) and would not allow any supplements into the hospital.

      The potion lasts about a month and costs nickels a day.

      (You can add some Vitamin C powder and borax for even better health.) If adding C, cut back a little on the M-o-M or thin it out with a thinner daily dose in your water bottle to prevent overdoing the magnesium and Vitamin C and any emergency trot to the washroom. (I always go a little overboard in my exuberance. But I learn.)

      • mhikl says:

        that was supposed to ‘ionised’, not ‘iodised’
        Hope this can be fixed and this reply deleted.

  3. mhikl says:

    Good Lady,
    I am a fat enthusiast ever since the Good Doctor Atkins walked this fine earth. My love of the stuff was reaffirmed after reading (and experiencing phenomenal results), Dr D’Adamo’s book, ‘Eat Right for Your Type’: and then any faint fears of fat were laid back to stew at Satin’s hovel when I became a fine diner of Paleo fare. Compared to my siblings I have some fine colour to my wrinkle-free skin; not that I really care about such things, (I am a dude) but such may indicate good health.

    I have taken to making my own lard using a crockpot, a half cup of water and low heat. Googling will find the perfectly easy method. And from my grocery store I get all the beef fat I want for free. Butter and virgin Coconut oil are the only other fats that I use. Even olive oil is suspect-there really are no actual laws the prevent adulteration. Do visit ItsRainmakingtime for a great piece on the problems of olive oil: Tom Mueller – When Olive Oil Isn’t, interview.

    I know that for me, my heavy fat diet works. I have slimmed down without any dedication to slimming and my triglycerides are so low I could possibly win a Gold at the Health Olympics.

    Though I do not eat ANY wheat anymore, I do remember my mum’s homemade doughnuts and fragrant pie crusts. The doughnuts had to be yanked from the teeth to tear and her crusts, fragrant, light and slightly crispy.

    We need to return to the diets of our forefathers (my granny was my oldest forefather 🙂 and she could spin a pizza that raised a choir at the supper table. The Scots are a flexible people.

  4. Alan Russell says:

    I hope you are on the road to recovery.Alan

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