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I have been found guilty too of extremism

It was a little like going gluten free. (I am not diagnosed celiac) My Mother was responsible for my attitude of –  if you are going to do something you may as well do it properly first time – saves on having to do … Continue reading

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Some People have Wax in Their Ears!

One of Professor Julius Sumner Miller’s famous one liners was ‘Why is it so?’ And in this case I believe it is most appropriate to ask the question. Many of my associates are living the Low Carbohydrate High Fat lifestyle…. … Continue reading

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Oils, Cholesterol and Carbohydrates

You may have been told – nope you will have been told to eat low fat so as to bring your cholesterol numbers into a range your doctor will be happy with. Of course that does not work, so in … Continue reading

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What’s in A Name Folks?

Wheat Germ Agglutinin is not a term most of us are familiar with, it is not signposted in the supermarket for you to easily find…. and I have not seen it advertised as being on special lately. It is there … Continue reading

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Originally posted on JustMEinT's General Blog:
Today was going to be my RANT Day, and I was going to focus on the Humble Egg. Sitting at the computer, with all background distractions turned off I began my research…. but…

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LCHF Lifestyle – or why I don’t diet

Christmas has passed us by and the New Year is once again with us. Many good intentions will have been voiced and I expect gym memberships will have been renewed. The need to trim up, tone down, lose weight, get … Continue reading

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