Oils, Cholesterol and Carbohydrates

NEWYou may have been told – nope you will have been told to eat low fat so as to bring your cholesterol numbers into a range your doctor will be happy with. Of course that does not work, so in reality your doctor will almost certainly write a prescription for a cholesterol lowering medication – explaining to you, that if you don’t lower those ‘terrible numbers’ you will suffer a heart attack – or a stroke and …. well you know the rest. Doctors are very good at using fear tactics to scare patients into submission.

What most doctors do not understand is what it really is (in the vast majority of cases) that causes your LIPID profile (cholesterol numbers) to go out of whack! Most of the learning they did about cholesterol was back when they were in medical school, and since that time there have been great advancements in the understanding  and knowledge about diets/foods/lifestyle patterns. Of course they don’t have time to do the reading and research themselves, relying mostly on information given to them by pharmaceutical sales reps  – and – broadcast bulletins provided by the Nations Health Services which are themselves spoon fed information by the drug companies.

The fats you consume add very little to the amount of cholesterol circulating in your body. Your body makes most of the cholesterol in your own liver – think about that. Statin drugs were invented to slow down this very process….. in your liver, not in your mouth or stomach.

Saturated fats are not the wicked life threatening agents they have been made out to be. They contain all the essential fats and fat soluble vitamins necessary for cellular function in the human body. Stop eating them – and do as your doctor suggests – that is replace them with Seed Oils (aka vegetable oils) and you have begun a journey towards cellular suicide!

The structure of every cell in your body needs perfect balance so as to allow the good stuff (vitamins and minerals etc) to flow into and feed the cell, and to also have strength and stability to keep bad stuff (think bacteria and virus’) out of the cell. And not only that, your cell walls need to have good integrity (strength and flexibility) otherwise they will collapse, or be too rigid.

In the most simple of terms it is the Omega’s that give strength and stability to the cell walls. The Omega 6’s give rigidity and the Omega 3’s give flexibility.

Imagine if you will a cell wall that has been given too much rigidity… in other words like a big Scottish Castle —– rock solid to protect what is inside of it —- without a moat or a drawbridge either – so the people inside cannot get out once the walls are up. No food, or water – or in our case, no vitamins, minerals,  hormones or other essential life giving nutrients can enter into the cell (castle). What would happen? The people inside (the mitochondria of the cell) would eventually starve and die. The cement that was used to build this castle was Omega 6 cement. Think vegetable oils, polyunsaturated vegetable oils. PUFA’s. The very stuff which all the so called health professions tell us we must use in place of saturated fats.

Of course the reverse would be true if we only ate Omega 3 oils. Our castle walls (cell walls) would be soft and squishy and have no strength or integrity – but this is most unlikely to happen in this day and age.

For a good equilibrium / balance of cellular integrity I would think a balance of Omega 6’s and 3’s would be essential (1:1). Other writers are content to suggest a ratio of 4 Omega 6 to 1 Omega 3 (4:1). There is also some suggestion that when we consume too much Omega 6, the Omega 3’s cannot be utilised by the body. (link)

However when you look at the current ratio we are consuming it is far more likely a ratio of 10-25 Omega 6’s to 1 of Omega 3. Do you wonder why this is so?

You have or the butcher has cut off all the healthy fat from the meats you cook and serve at table.  Animal food breeders have done everything possible to reduce the amount of saturated fats which their beasts contain – that end up on your plates. You tossed out butter and use margarine instead. You use skim milk and other low fat alternatives when buying yoghurts, custards and ice creams. You no longer cook with lard or dripping and use instead liquid polyunsaturated oils. You were brainwashed into believing that natural animal fats were bad and that liquid vegetable oils were good. And you also believe the myth that Coconut oil is dangerous too.

Remembering that saturated fats have been demonized – therefore every food (processed food) that you bring home and consume is heavily burdened with polyunsaturated oil (Omega 6). And every food you purchase from a fast food outlet – chips, fish, burgers, pizza and subway types of sandwich is an Omega 6 meal to go – is it any wonder that our Omega Balance (castle walls) is rigidly out of control? The good stuff can’t get in, we cannot replenish or even provide good nutrients for our cells to perform optimally – we are sick – from the inside out!

On top of that we have been feeding our faces an excess of carbohydrates. WHY do I say that?

The food industry knew, when they took out the saturated fat from their processed offerings, that we the consumer would turn our noses up at what was left. It is the fat which gives the processed foods – all foods really, the flavour and texture. Eliminate or drastically reduce the fat and what you are left with is something that ends up tasting like old cardboard. BUT they found a way around that by simply introducing more sugar and salt and (far too many to mention individually) manufactured flavours, colourings and chemicals, so that your tastebuds would be happy and, not only that, would be asking for more!

Carbohydrates (sugars, starches etc) have to be broken down and used by the body. Once your body has had sufficient of them, the body stores the remainder for later use, or a time of famine. How are they stored? Actually those excess carbs are stored as fat.  YES the carbs are the things that get converted into fats – not the fats that we eat. Elevated Triglyceride levels are a sure indication of problems. Triglycerides are what the liver converts that excess sugar into. Triglycerides are what is stored as fat.

Your Doctor studied very little if any amount of Food Nutrition during their university days. The dietician you attend is still locked into the Saturated Fat is bad for You Mantra, and would be unemployable if they were to take a stance against what they were originally taught. Think on this. The Diabetes Organisations and the Heart Foundation type organisations still promote a high carbohydrate Low Saturated Fat lifestyle. All they are doing (did I say ALL?) is keeping people sick, making more people sick, helping the pharmaceutical companies to get richer, and perpetuating a wrong, which has been clinically proven to be wrong. They are just not ready to come out and publically admit they have been wrong. Think about all the money they might lose!

Do yourself a favour, use your computer and research the Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diet – which is diametrically opposed to what your doctor and dietician currently prescribes. It is your body you are fuelling with every mouthful you consume. Are you going to have rigid cells walls that are incapable of being nourished? Are you going to store fat on fat on fat with every meal you consume? Will you continue allowing yourself to be led by the nose as it were – down a one way alley – to sickness, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and possibly an early death? The decision is yours —- I hope you make the right one.

This is My Blog and I am biased and passionate….. this lifestyle is working for me. I am 12 months into it now and have no intentions of looking back.

My Type 2 Diabetes is in full remission without drugs – so you could say it is controlled by this way of life (LCHF). I have lost weight although that was not my primary reason for going this route. My reflux/heartburn of 25 years duration – treated with addictive prescription drugs vanished about three weeks into this lifestyle. My Triglyceride levels (an indication of fat storage) have reduced. Each doctor required blood test has tracked them and proved this.

An excellent starting place for seekers of understanding for this way of life would be:  http://www.dietdoctor.com/lchf.   But do use your search engine, or join a support group or ask questions……

Till next time…………….   JustMEinT

About JustMEinT Musings

I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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