High Levels of Blood Triglycerides can Damage Your Organs

High Levels of the Fats known as TRIGLYCERIDES can do serious damage to your body.

When you have a Blood Draw/test – usually fasting – the Doctors always seem to focus on Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol and LDL Cholesterol … if you are lucky some may even look at other Lipid Fractions, most I know, don’t usually bother.

What is essential to know is your triglyceride level. WHY?

Life Extension tells us:
Triglycerides accumulate in various organs, where they exert numerous harmful effects, most prominently in cardiac tissue. They influence expression of genes related to susceptibility to coronary artery disease. Accumulating in the heart, they reduce left ventricular function in a fashion specific to people with metabolic disorders.

Triglycerides also trigger increased platelet activation, substantially boosting risk of dangerous clot formation. Elevated triglycerides increase incidence of stroke—a risk that can be mitigated by lowering levels of these dangerous fat compounds.

Elevated triglycerides contribute to the three-fold elevation of cardiovascular disease risk seen in those with metabolic syndrome. People with type 2 diabetes and high liver triglyceride content have poorer blood flow and impaired energy metabolism in their heart tissue.

The Singapore Study

A report published in 2002 revealed a startling 40% of adults 60 years and older suffered from metabolic syndrome, placing them at considerably higher risk for heart attack, stroke, and other age-related diseases.

A common characteristic of metabolic syndrome is high blood levels of LDL and triglycerides, along with impaired glucose control, abdominal obesity, and hypertension.

Of Course there are prescription medications that are given to patients to lower their triglycerides…. even the article above from the very reputable Life Extension Foundation is advising that a type of Vitamin E can lower them by as much as 28%. However I believe there is a more natural way to lower high triglycerides.

Dr. Mercola tells us:   There are few absolutes in medicine, but I have yet to see someone with high triglycerides fail to respond to a comprehensive restriction of grain and sugar carbohydrates. I suspect there might be some cases out there, but I haven’t seen them.

There is an excellent review of carbohydrate-induced high triglycerides, which thoroughly covers the history and science of my clinical observation, in the February2000 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Michael Eades tells us also that High Triglycerides are driven by carbohydrate consumption.

Dr. William Davis tells us : While dietary fats cause triglycerides to increase after eating, carbohydrates cause triglycerides to increase at all other times. This means that carbohydrates (starches), like breads, pasta, breakfast cereals, pretzels, crackers, potatoes, soft drinks, and candies increase fasting triglycerides if consumed habitually.

Yes I know that is only three links, but I can assure you that there are many more available should you choose to go search.

High Triglyceride Levels are not our friend. They are decidedly our foes and we must be prepared to do battle with them.

If you are not familiar with the Low Carbohydrate High Fat Lifestyle I suggest you do yourself and your loved ones an immense favour and learn about it – it could very well save your life – but as I can attest to – it definitely will give you a much better LIPID profile and lower triglycerides without resorting to toxic drugs.

LCHF for beginners

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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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