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Blind Freddie Can See This One Coming

Have you noticed there has been a surge in media attention about the danger of sugar in our diet? Of course there has also been a counter surge telling us that sugar is necessary in our diets. If I were … Continue reading

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Coca Cola says they are part of the diet solution!

I suspect we all gasped when Coca Cola came out with this one! Coca-Cola sells about 180 low and no-calorie drinks, works to produce better-tasting low-calorie sweeteners and has introduced smaller can sizes. It also reminds viewers that “all calories count no … Continue reading

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Industry Sweet Shenanigans ~~~

  I admit it – I have a sweet tooth – I enjoy sugar in my tea and coffee…. How Sinful is that? I also have health issues and am reducing my fructose load/consumption, so I have changed to using … Continue reading

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