Blind Freddie Can See This One Coming

sugarHave you noticed there has been a surge in media attention about the danger of sugar in our diet? Of course there has also been a counter surge telling us that sugar is necessary in our diets. If I were a betting person I would place my money squarely on the DANGER team 🙂

Now this surge is not restricted to television presentations and midday Doctor-mercial television shows either. A cursory glance using the terminology SUGAR and the category BOOK at Amazon reveals page upon page upon page of titles for your edification and education.

SUGAR it seems is the new EVIL, to everyone except the Heart Association and The Diabetes Association, who have yet to update themselves with current research findings. But is it simply sugar that is the real issue? Is it simply one half of table sugar – the Fructose half that is the real problem? Could it go deeper than that insomuch that all simple fast acting – and therefore Insulin Spike causing carbohydrates should be put under the spotlight and made accountable? Is it any wonder that the average person, who has no time to do their own research gets confused?

No one I have met denies the fact that modern society is consuming large quantities of what may be termed ‘fast food’. Others are not quite as polite and call it simply junk food, or refer to it simply as SAD. I agree by the way it is a very sad way of eating when it contributes to ill health and disease and early death. However that particular acronym infers people are consuming a Standard American (Australian) Diet….. or simply modern fast food.

Modern fast food is highly processed, full of seed oils (omega-6’s), additives (look for those numbers on the ingredient panel), preservatives – do you really like consuming hidden chemicals which are only acknowledged by mystery numbers? It is also usually very high in carbohydrates – which means as it is digested it will quickly break down into its chemical components – especially the glucose and fructose parts, causing a rush of insulin – aka an insulin spike and a need for your liver to store excess fat somewhere on your torso.

Did you think it was the fat you were consuming that led to the deposition of fats, especially around your middle? WRONG! So that is why you have been buying all those low fat foods at the supermarket and drinking the fat free latte at the coffee shop? Boy did you get that one incorrect! Mind you, I guess to some extent you could be forgiven…. you did not do your own research on this did you? NOPE…  you relied on what the manufacturers and the health agencies told you – right?

I for one do not believe it is simply the white stuff – the sugars that are to blame for the world wide diabesity epidemic. Diabesity = Diabetes + Obesity. That would be just too simple. I mean all you would have to do is toss out the white stuff and you would be cured right?

Today is not the time to waffle on with my other theory, but it is the time to point out that I do believe the artificial sweetener manufacturers are rubbing their collective hands with glee at this surge of us attacking sugar per se and blind Freddie can see it!

Sugar_substitutes1Toss out the sugar and put in the chemical sweetener. People have developed a sweet tooth, they need something sweet to satisfy that need. It sends a message to their brains that this is NICE and I want to eat more of it. Life is good when things are sweet and tasty. I think most readers will be aware that there are some chemical compounds (artificial sweeteners) which need to be avoided because they can do serious damage to the body, but do you know why they are dangerous?

If the war on sugar continues as I hope it will, and more and more people will toss out the white stuff, not only off their tables but the hidden amounts in their everyday foods – you can bet you weekly pay cheque that the chemical companies will be vying for the rights to use their products in the processed foods you willingly consume.

Sugar is a killer but so are the chemical compounds sold as artificial sweeteners and are already prolific in the food, drink and medicine industries. Try searching/reading the ingredient lists and you will see what I mean.

The artificial sweeteners are sometimes hidden from view or the manufacturer of a product will list it under a name you may not be familiar with.

Then there are the so called healthy sugars being touted on the market. Agave Syrup is one that springs to mind immediately – touted as all pure and natural. There is a story here you may be interested in.

But what about the sugar/carbohydrate count for Agave?  I have read it runs around 79 grams of carbohydrate per 100g of Syrup, where as 100g of table sugar is listed at 100g of carbohydrate. There is a small percentage difference, however I thought they would both behave similarly once digested. However on further research it seems Agave is higher in the sugar fructose, which as we are learning is not particularly kind to the human body in the amounts we are currently consuming. Don’t forget that ordinary table sugar – used in baking and pasta making and sweetening of foods is 50% fructose. Here is another article which may make your hair stand on end.

I am certainly no saint when it comes to sweet foodstuff. I am able to tell you I am off the white stuff. I am able to tell you also that I do not drink fizzy (sodas) drinks – even the so called diet sodas. I no longer eat cakes and pastries make with flour/grain. I have (for my lifestyle) cut back on highly starchy type vegetables and only eat fruit in moderation. But when I do make a treat such as a nut based cupcake or crumble, I still like a little additional sweetness to come through.

I have no financial interest in this product and I only mention it now so as to be perfectly honest with my readers. I use a Stevia Product called Natvia in very small amounts as, actually I find it rather too sweet for my palate in the amount usually suggested for the recipes I cook with. However as this is a natural herb product I am quite happy to use it in my cooking.

There is so much more I could write here, but I will save it for another rainy day. I urge you to do some reading on the way sugar damages the human body. I urge you also to be on the lookout for the foods that contain artificial sweetener chemicals – there will, I feel sure, be many more of them coming out soon.

Till next time….   JustMEinT

A few articles to help you in your research.

Your Enemy


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