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Why Bother Eliminating Grains?

PALEO living was not designed to manage weight issues, but to promote better health ……  (paraphrased)   I read this today – as told By Dr. Loren Cordain – the ‘inventor’ of the Paleo Movement. It makes good sense actually that … Continue reading

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Some People have Wax in Their Ears!

One of Professor Julius Sumner Miller’s famous one liners was ‘Why is it so?’ And in this case I believe it is most appropriate to ask the question. Many of my associates are living the Low Carbohydrate High Fat lifestyle…. … Continue reading

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RANT – The Cellular Season – part five

You recognise when you feel hungry – I know I do because my stomach tells me and my brain recognises the signals. Time for a feed, so into the mouth and over the tongue, look out stomach here it comes! … Continue reading

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