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When something has been around as long as the Diet Heart Hypothesis has (yes blame Ancel Keys who was originally on the Board of the American Heart Association) and can be proven wrong with  a capital ‘W’…… you can be … Continue reading

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Mr and Mrs Unpaid Guinea Pig

Five years ago (2009) Wainwright et al Wrote: Current guidelines encourage ambitious long term cholesterol lowering with statins, in order to decrease cardiovascular disease events. However, by regulating the biosynthesis of cholesterol we potentially change the form and function of … Continue reading

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Sometimes it Seems Too Hard to Comprehend

Why do people suffer blockages in arteries leading to Coronary Vascular Disease, Heart Attacks and Strokes – even when they seem to be healthy individuals? Their cholesterol numbers are in the OK range, they do not smoke, take exercise regularly … Continue reading

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Eat it and Enjoy it

> The most recent definitive study of all the competent studies regarding saturated fats and heart disease called a meta-analysis and published in the AJCN January 13, 2010 shows that over a 5 to 23 year follow-up of 347,747 subjects, … Continue reading

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