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Why Bother Eliminating Grains?

PALEO living was not designed to manage weight issues, but to promote better health ……  (paraphrased)   I read this today – as told By Dr. Loren Cordain – the ‘inventor’ of the Paleo Movement. It makes good sense actually that … Continue reading

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Why We Need More Omega 3 in Our Diet and Less Omega 6

It is becoming better understood that we consume far too much of the essential fatty acid known as Omega 6, to the detriment of the other essential one – Omega 3. As with all things in nature both of these … Continue reading

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RANT – The Cellular Season – part two

I ended part one of the Cellular Season Rant on a discourteous note – or did I? Dieticians and government agencies have been trying to advise us about the correct fuel mix to use in our bodies for a very … Continue reading

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Is this what is making you ill?

Originally posted on JustMEinT's General Blog:
Usually I write a diatribe, explaining my position on a particular issue, but this one is self-explanatory and very well portrayed. There are times a well presented documentary is worth the viewing, so…

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Is SOY the Sinner?

This blog was very difficult to place… which one ought it to be filed in I asked? It meets the criteria for all three of my blogs, so I will reblog it to the other two shortly. General Blog & Christian … Continue reading

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Paradoxically – Eat Fat but be choosy~~~

I have written several times before on the benefits of Coconut Oil (here, here and here). Today I received an email from an online friend which brought the entire topic back into focus for me, hence the reason I write … Continue reading

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Worse than DDT…. sure is

Dr. Mercola’s articles are always accurate and challenging. This one is no different. ROUNDUP is seriously dangerous, but we knew that didn’t we? We were warned? We know to avoid it and all Round Up Ready crops, foods, products? So what … Continue reading

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