How Did It Happen?

fat trapHow did Fat is Bad – Fat kills – Fat Causes Heart Disease get so wrongly ingrained into the public psyche?  (This is saturated fat) There never was proof that this was so. It was a theory which when attempts were made to prove it so – failed miserably.

I have often wondered who the ‘bright spark’ was that decided even if there were only a few who possibly needed treating – we really MUST treat the entire shebang! I discovered  the guy’s name is Geoffrey Rose.

Let me quote this for you: (pages 66-67 from Good Calories – Bad Calories….. Gary Taubes)

That cholesterol-lowering provides little benefit to the individual was not unknown to the authors of these expert reports. This rational was elucidated in  Diet and Health which explained that the purpose of preventative medicine in public health was to achieve the greatest good by treating entire populations rather than individuals. In this case that meant addressing the situation of the 85 or 90 percent of the population with normal or low cholesterol. Though the actual benefit to these individuals ‘might be small or negligible,’ as Diet and Health explained, ‘because these people represent the great majority of the population, the benefit for the total population is likely to be paradoxically large.’

This strategy is credited to the British epidemiologist Geoffrey Rose, a long time veteran of the dietary-fat controversy. ‘The mass approach is inherently the only ultimate answer to the problem of a mass-disease,’ Rose explained in 1981.

But however much it may offer to the community as a whole, it offers little to each participating individual. When mass diphtheria immunization was introduced into Britain 40 years ago, even then roughly 600 children had to be immunized in order that one life would be saved- 599 ‘wasted’ immunizations  for the one that was effective……  This is the kind of ratio that one has to accept in mass preventative medicine. A measure applied to many will actually benefit very few.

When it came to dietary fat and heart disease, according to Rose’s calculations, only one man in every fifty might expect to avoid a heart attack by virtue of avoiding saturated fat for his entire adult life: ‘Forty-nine out of fifty would eat differently every day for forty years and perhaps get nothing from it.’

And thus the dilemma: ‘People will not be motivated to any great extent to take our advice because there is little in it for each of them, particularly in the short and medium term.’ The best way around this problem Rose explained, is to create social pressure to change. Consider young women who diet, he suggested, ‘not for medical reasons but because thinness is socially acceptable and obesity is not.’ So the task confronting public-health authorities is to create similar social pressure to induce ‘healthy behaviour.’ And to do that, the benefits – or the risks of ‘unhealthy’ behaviour – have to be made to seem dramatic. ‘The modern British diet is killing people in their thousands from heart-attacks,’ Rose told the BBC in 1984.

The assumption underpinning this public-health philosophy, as Rose explained in an influential 1985 International Journal of Epidemiology article, entitled ‘Sick individuals and Sick Populations,‘ is that the entire population chronically over consumes fat, and all of us have cholesterol levels that are unnaturally high.

It is important to remember that at this point in history FAT was being blamed for heart disease…. (thank you Ancel Keys and Senator McGovern) not  much has changed has it? even with the myriad of studies that show that insulin causes micro vascular damage. Insulin spikes are caused by excessive consumption of carbohydrates/sugar in our diets. Fats (with a few exceptions such as trans fats and liquid polyunsaturated hydrogenised vegetable oils) are needed – required and healthful to the human body.

The drastic limiting of healthy fats and the replacement of these with high amounts of carbohydrates in our diets has done immeasurable damage to the human population – creating generations of chronically ill people.

It is seriously time for us to wake up – to stop allowing ourselves to be led by the nose – politically (there is NOT the science to back up the theory that fat causes heart disease). It was a theory which has been disproven. The experiment – of which you and I were unwitting participants – has failed! Time to own up and move on.

For those who want links to scientific studies this is a good place.

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