RANT – The Cellular Season – part two

rantI ended part one of the Cellular Season Rant on a discourteous note – or did I?

Dieticians and government agencies have been trying to advise us about the correct fuel mix to use in our bodies for a very long time. I believe they have got it terribly wrong. The fuel they have been promoting for us is not healthy, is not Ultra Grade – Premium, and in fact I do liken it to the kerosene in our earlier discussion.

Is it wrong to challenge a current misconception? I think not!

I hate to do this to you but we need a little history to remind us of how and when we may have started on the track of bad advice relating to our fuel consumption – food consumption.

George McGovern was the Democratic presidential nominee in 1972, running against Richard Nixon. As Chairman of a senate commission on nutrition, he called for reductions in the consumption of salt, sugar, and fat. The recommendations made by him became the NORM (as pertaining to fat)  and as they say ‘the rest is history’. The rest of the planet slowly took his recommendations, put them into place and we – as a people, have been getting sicker and sicker ever since in my humble estimation.

In a rant such as this – so not to lose readership, it is necessary to keep it simple. There is a whole ugly history which precedes the McGovern edict. If you truly wish to understand may I suggest you read up on a fella named Ancel Keyes.

From the moment Senator McGovern set the wheels in motion, the very staff of life – the food stuff we need to fine tune our Formula One Racing Engine of a Body has been changed from Premium Fuel to Low Grade Kerosene.  From healthy natural products into low fat sugar laden (or aspartame laden) gloop!

Of course there is a huge political agenda driving this – blind Freddie would know. For those who enjoy a video presentation I post this link “Modern Nutrition Policy is based on Lies and Bad Science“. This presentation has received some criticism over the fact the presenter is not himself a scientist. He is however presenting science facts and views.

Let’s take it as fact that we have drastically changed our eating habits. No longer is it the norm to sit around the family table at every meal and consume home cooked (maybe also home grown) meals prepared by Mother/Grandmother. The composition of our food has drastically changed also. Look at the growth of the fast food industry and farmed fish fed GMO soy for starters..

Once we ate fresh killed beast in their entirety. Nothing was wasted. How many of us today eat brains? kidney? liver? Roasted hearts? How many save the dripping and the lard for use in baking? How many actually still bake from scratch at home? When was the last time you looked for suet in the supermarket? I remember it was integral to the fruit mince we used to prepare some ( ? 3) months prior to Christmas… to be used in those yummy mince pies.

We used lard and or butter to rub in when making pastry. Butter and cream were the best parts of the potato mash we prepared for the Shepherd’s Pie. A good dollop of butter always went into the baked rice pudding. The fats were from grass fed and raised beasts… NOT grain fattened beasts raised in feeding lots. Farmers use grains to fatten animals for market – it produces fatter animals  quicker and brings a higher price at the sales. Think on that for a moment if you will – they now shovel the virtues of grain down our thraots and WE ARE getting fatter!

We now consume these same beasts that have been artificially fattened,  with what would technically be called, an unnatural food – grain is NOT normal feed for beasts of the field! (and genetically modified soy is eaten by these animals) We now shun their (what was once) healthy organs and fats in place of chemically treated vegetable oils which – I believe, would be better fuel for your lawnmower or motor bike!

To an average ( not intending to offend) family, getting off to work and off to school – breakfast seems to consist of some packet of processed grain food, maybe some warmed (if it is winter) liquid to make it palatable. This maybe nut milk, soy milk or pretend cow’s milk. Possibly a slice of margarine covered  processed grain which has been in the toaster. May even be slathered in jam, jelly, peanut butter or vegemite. And for the lucky ones a piece of fruit or (whoopee) some low fat aspartame laden yoghurt.

On the other hand, I have watched teenagers heading for the local high school call into the towns Subway shop. This is nourishment for growing bodies? If Subway does not grab their tastebuds, the local Independent  Grocer has meat pies and sausage rolls in the pie oven and a ‘delectable’ assortment of cans and bottles of soft drinks to choose from to wash it all down while walking to school.

The Low Fat Diet Dictocrats ( a Sally Fallon terminology) would have you believe they can cure anyone and everything simply by giving up thousands of years of proven healthy natural foods, and turning to margarine and processed vegetable oils in your diet. Top that off with copious amounts of genetically modified grains and cereals and a dash of aspartame!

There were NEVER any long term health studies done on the human population to prove that their laboratory made chemicals were good for the human body. I know which I prefer and why. What about you?

Are you still locked into the ‘fat is bad’ mind set? Do you still drink factory made vegetable (processed) oils instead of  slathering on the deep yellow butter from grass fed cows? Are you still convinced that that packet of processed grains you much on at breakfast, and that ever so delicious whole grain processed slice of – what they call bread – is of the optimum fuel for your body?

Ask yourself what has change in such a drastic way since 1977 (McGovern Report) – nearly 40 years ago – to cause such a dramatic rise in the number of diseases of the modern age? Many of these diseases are health related – as in the fuel we feed to our cells. Many of them can be reversed, maybe even cured by changing our eating habits.

WARNING: It won’t happen over night… the fix. the cure. You did not get sick immediately so the reverse is true…. but you can get better. Sadly I read people writing ‘I tried that and it didn’t work’ …… how long did it take for the damage to occur? How long will it take for all the cells in your body to regenerate and the healthier ones to outnumber the diseased one? How long is a piece of string?

Watch for Part Three of this RANT soon.

Disclaimer:  Before starting any new diet and exercise program please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and/or diet changes with them before beginning. I am not a doctor or registered dietitian. I do not claim to cure any cause, condition or disease. I do not provide medical aid or nutrition for the purpose of health or disease nor claim to be a doctor or dietitian.

This is merely an opinion blog. The information held on this blog is merely the opinion of a laymen individual.

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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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