RANT – The Cellular Season – part one

rantTo everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:  Ecc 3:1

You – yes the YOU I am talking to are a wonderfully made conglomeration of cells, all of which – with their own specific needs, drives who you are.

You may think my quotation above from the Book of Ecclesiastes is somewhat out of place in a discussion about the human body, cells, life – you would be wrong!  To everything there is a purpose – a time to live and a time to die – particularly for the cells in today’s RANT.

Cell death is known by the technical name Apoptosis programmed cell death (suicide) which is essential for the regeneration and new life which occurs constantly in the human body. Having said that some will say why do we die if our cells are constantly regenerating and renewing themselves – fair question me thinks.

Cells split – divide, we learned that basic mechanism in biology class. A healthy cell divides and therefore I expect, the older less healthy one – which has been doing an exemplary job in your body, say ‘goodbye’ and dies off. Over simplification yes, but true none the less.

But cells also get damaged. Cells can mutate. Cells can become diseased and unhealthy. And those cells can also divide and produce a new generation of very unhealthy cells! Get too many of those mutated variety – the damaged variety in your system and you get sick. (Again an over simplification but fairly accurate.)

I really did not want to talk about death today – even though it is part of the life process. I truly want to talk about healing – about LIFE about getting well. If you are genuinely interested in the biology associated with this read on, but for those wanting to skip the school lesson SKIP below.

Biology Class on Cell Death

So you SKIPPED the above section – that’s quite OK, not everyone enjoyed biology at school – I did. You want to know how you can help your sick and or damaged cells get better? Let’s have a look.

Like everything else inside of your body your cells require nourishment. They require fuel to enable them to do their specific job. (deliberately keeping this simple). If your new car engine comes as petrol only, and you pour in kerosene or water into the fuel tank, what would happen? I reckon it would cough and splutter and probably cease working all together. The same happens with your cells…. which are, as we were taught in biology class, the building blocks of life.  If you could clean out your engine and give it the right fuel, it may well splutter a few times, but eventually it would kick over and restart, slowly at first – but would pick up momentum as all parts of the engine received the right fuel for the job in hand – driving the car.

Think of your body in a similar way. The fuel you have been giving it may not have been premium fuel. It may have been sub optimal. Possibly even toxic – a bit like the kerosene we mentioned before.  The cells have started to splutter – but they still must divide. The new cells are also unhealthy due to the toxic mix in your body. Get enough of these unhealthy cells – which cannot do the job they were made for and you have a health problem. Disease!

It might be the cells of your liver which are suffering, and you end up jaundiced, with fatty liver disease or any other of a multiplicity of other liver aliments….. which in turn will make other parts of your anatomy ill down the line. Your liver has so many functions in the body and if it is ill, all the other functions get out of whack as well.

It might be the cells that line the nerves in your body that become unhealthy. Ever heard about Peripheral Neuropathy?  Multiple Sclerosis? Parkinson’s Disease? Let’s not get too specific here – it’s just good to understand that there are many diseases of the human body that occur when the cellular structure that lines that humongous network of (wires) nerves gets damaged.

It might be the muscles in the body that begin to decay, to suffer stress and to cause serious disabilities when they are not working as they should. I think many people reading this RANT will understand what muscle pain and deterioration feels like. I know I do.

Lastly, but by no means the last structure that could become damaged – I mention the vascular system of the human body. I do not know if it has ever been measured (as in miles) but it is vast! It does not run in a straight line and it has many branches and sub branches and capillaries. Its job is to allow the life blood to travel to and back from every working part of your body.  Back to the heart and lungs where it can be re- oxygenated. Think of it like a city transit network, taking commuters to and from their homes each day.

If, in peak hour you get a breakdown, a CLOG UP in one of the city’s transit lines, then you know you are in for a long commute. However with the vascular system clog up – breakdown, the oxygenated cells or the cells returning to receive oxygen back up, can cause a huge blow out in the sides of the tunnel walls (blood vessels) BURST and cause serious health issues…. even death! The cells lining the vascular system too can be diseased, may have mutated and can be seriously inflamed causing a vascular clog up – (yes another over simplification I know).

Dieticians and government agencies have been trying to advise us about the correct fuel mix to use in our bodies for a very long time. I believe they have got it terribly wrong. The fuel they have been promoting for us is not healthy, is not Ultra Grade – Premium, and in fact I do liken it to the kerosene in our earlier discussion.

Watch for Part Two of this RANT soon.

Disclaimer:  Before starting any new diet and exercise program please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and/or diet changes with them before beginning. I am not a doctor or registered dietitian. I do not claim to cure any cause, condition or disease. I do not provide medical aid or nutrition for the purpose of health or disease nor claim to be a doctor or dietitian.

This is merely an opinion blog. The information held on this blog is merely the opinion of a laymen individual.


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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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