Todays Rant: Why is my body so unhealthy?

rantArgh you just received the dreaded TOO HIGH notification from your doctor regarding your cholesterol levels, and the Statin Drugs prescription is being thrust your way!

Not sure how many people actually look at why their lipid levels may be out of whack? One thing is for certain through – IT IS NOT from eating too much natural healthy fat.

The seed oils (liquid polyunsaturates) are unhealthy for our bodies. Transfats are unhealthy too. Margarines – what can one say – to me they are one molecule away from engine oil! …

Lard, butter, coconut oil, pork fat and lamb fat…. scrumptious – and so long as they are from healthy animals they are healthy and healing for your body. On the other hand, the toxic load we consume in our SAD diets is certainly unhealthy and causes unhealthy reactions (including inflammation) in every cell of your body.

The high level of carbohydrates, which our bodies simply cannot deal with is also seriously toxic to our bodies. Consider an elimination diet to begin with… eliminating grains, bad fats, all processed, packaged and canned foods. Eat only foods you can cook for yourself.

I enjoy fresh meat, fish, eggs, vegetables even some ratatouille for breakfast…… NO TOAST – NO JUICE OR SOFT DRINKS.  Some fresh chicken, avocardo and cheese for lunch with a carrot stick or two with nut butter, and for evening meals I like home made (from scratch) soups (no starchy thickener) 0r a salad or steamed vegetable platter with fresh fish or meat…… Give it a try and watch your body begin to heal, one cell at a time without any prescription drugs.

Bp is lowering, sugars are lowering, reflux has vanished, arthritis is lessening…. and energy level has increased.

Oh this is pure joy…. and the lipid profile is altering…. NO DRUGS – NO Thank You Dr….. lifestyle changes are effective and have abslutely NO side effects either. Maybe you (doctor) should be prescribing them instead of toxic drugs.


About JustMEinT Musings

I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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