Todays Rant – Processed Gluten Free Foods


Guess I ought not to rant twice in one day but I was reminded of this a few minutes ago on one of the Face Book Pages I subscribe to.

What irked me was a memory of a conversation I had with some lady friends, at a morning tea and craft session we were all taking part in. From necessity I have been strictly Gluten and Dairy Free for more than five years. At first the people we associate with could not get their heads around what this meant.

We would not be invited out to meals because they just did not understand what I could and could not eat. When I explained that if they served me plain vegetables and meat or fish then I could eat that – but definitely NO gravies and sauces etc, that seemed to relax the situation somewhat.

Then came the day of the Church Luncheon. I said I would bring my own food, because it was a pot-luck meal and I could never have been sure of the ingredients. One Dear Man decided he would do ‘the right thing’ and make a large kettle of pumpkin soup  that would be safe for me and another lady, also G/F to enjoy at the lunch with everyone else. Well it was mid winter and it would have been nourishing and warming for us all. He did love to cook.

Without wanting to offend, but needing to know exactly what was in his ‘secret’ recipe – for our healths sake, we had to turn down his wonderful soup because he had thickened it with cornflour and did not know there was an ordinary cornflour and a gluten-free one. He did not know which one he had used. Talk about trying not to offend!

Then came the ladies craft morning. One lady came along with a packet of Gluten Free biscuits which was very thoughtful of her. She made a very brave statement and said ‘well we can eat yours, but you just can’t eat ours.’ How Very True!

Of course the real issue is not that there are now dozens and dozens of gluten-free products on the market. The problem lies in what is in those products. They are all processed foods, and they are full of chemicals and colours and flavours (as are all processed foods).

When your body is ill, under attack, sick, unwell, you want to give it healthy foods to facilitate healing. The ingredients in processed food do nothing to build up a healthy body, in fact I would even dare to say they actually facilitate cellular destruction.

Going gluten-free does not simply mean choosing one brand of processed food over another. It means doing away with all those foods that can and do damage the lining of the gut. Buying and preparing foods from scratch. Foods without chemical manmade additives, cooked and enjoyed, nourish your body and begin cellular healing.

Exchanging your usual shelf brand of biscuits for gluten-free ones will not make you any healthier!

About JustMEinT Musings

I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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