It is seemingly Ok to end Morally Irrelevant lives…. any and all…………

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baby in Womb1Ask a room full of people when they believe human life begins and you are likely to get lively discussion. Most people though seem to agree that when the sperm impregnates the ovum, a new life begins – except if you are a pro-abortionist, and you will get a range of different answers.

Answers that range from six weeks, to six months, to actual delivery/birth seem to suit those who favour destroying what has been created within a woman’s womb. And then there is the school of thought that believes as babies have no ‘moral relevance’ you should be allowed to terminate their lives – just as you would if you were sanctioning or performing an abortion.

It certainly makes one ask What Price a Human Life and just who defines moral relevance?

An article from so-called experts (drips under pressure) states:

Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say


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