Another new pill in the pipeline….. when all it will take is to cut your carbs!

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The world is becoming supersized… we have millions dying of heart disease….. Diabetes is now at epidemic heights… and on and on go the headlines in national newspapers.

BUT WAIT there is some good news today from a team of scientists who say they have discovered the way to control sugars (diabetes) and obesity.

There will be a new pill coming your way very soon. We can all now breathe a huge sigh of relief. It all has to do with four little enzymes in the digestive tract, and these two clever scientists figured out how to turn them on and off.

I will post the link to the article momentarily, but first I think it appropriate to mention a couple of things. Carbohydrates equate to starch… starch equates to sugar, more precisely glucose. Glucose is the food that every cell in the human body requires for energy production. Once…

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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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