Who Would Have Thought?

With all the hype today about the benefits of lowering your cholesterol numbers by taking drugs known as STATINS – which of course produce a multiplicity of side effects….. Here we have an article promoting DIET instead of drugs.

Of course it is terribly important to know which diet is being promoted and exactly who it is that is promoting it, as the low fat   or and  high carbohydrate one, which is promoted by the ADA comes with its own set of serious problems. The other thought for consideration is… would you trust a compnay promoting their own products as being safe and healthy? Peek Here  and Here.

Zoe Harcombe (Author) is well known for her stance on ways in which to lower the obesity epidemic, which itself is being blamed for a multiplicity of illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes. Just for the record high cholesterol is not a disease, it is a symptom. High Blood Pressure is not a disease, it too is a symptom. A High Sugar reading is not a disease it is merely an indication that things are not correct with your glucose metabolism – and yet doctors will immediately issue you with a prescription to ‘bring those numbers’ back into ‘proper’ control. By the way, for the vast majority of patients prescribes these drugs, they will be expected to take them for the rest of their lives. This is UNNECESSARY in many cases, because making some simple lifestyle choices will reverse these symptoms completely and save patients from a lifetime of servitude to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Zoe devotes herself to finding a cure for the obesity epidemic that has circumnavigated the globe, bringing with it the modern day epidemic of illnesses we are all familiar with.  Think of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Stroke, but there are others such as Gallstones and Gallbladder disease, Gout, Osteoarthritis, plus Reproductive Problems and Bladder Problems to name just a few. Many people who are obese develop psychological issues as well.

In the main stream health arena we are consistently advised to eat lower fat – purchase low fat alternative foods and follow the guidelines set out by the various government agencies for so-called healthy living. Who amongst us is not familiar with either the Food Pyramid or the Food Plate? There has even been a push to colour code food items in the stores with a Traffic Light System! I think the government believes we are all imbeciles personally – like who needs a traffic light system to warn them of food dangers. And more importantly can you trust the *government to guide you accurately when they are still pushing the dangers of fats and the saintliness of grains?

  • Government – made up of people in politics, i.e. politicians
  • Politicians – Poli = many + Ticks = blood suckers
  • Seems about right to me!

Zoe has spent many years seeking answers, and has some wonderful articles and videos available for you to learn from. Start Here and then follow with these. My own personal introduction to Zoe’s work came here.

And don’t forget the hype you have been indoctrinated with about cholesterol:

Perhaps one of the biggest health myths propagated in western culture and certainly in the United States, is the correlation between elevated cholesterol and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Unfortunately, despite dozens of studies, cholesterol has not been shown to actually cause CVD. To the contrary, cholesterol is vital to our survival, and trying to artificially lower it can have detrimental effects, particularly as we age.

And don’t forget: a healthful diet is a better solution than questionable quick-fix drugs, if we ever are diagnosed with levels of cholesterol and triglycerides that might give cause for concern. (source)

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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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