The Lens of the eye NEEDS Cholesterol

More and more often we are coming across articles proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that at the cellular level Cholesterol is ESSENTIAL to healthy human life.

Who would have thought that by taking drugs to artificially lower an essential constituent of every cell in the human body –  that it would cause harm? Maybe the question should be rephrased – reverse the logic and ask why they did not figure this out before they poisoned millions of people.

Cholesterol is found in every cell of your body. It is especially abundant in the membranes of these cells, where it helps maintain the integrity of these membranes, and plays a role in facilitating cell signaling– meaning the ability of your cells to communicate with each other so you function as a human, rather than a pile of cells.

If cholesterol is in every cell in the human body then it must be considered essential to the life of that cell, the tissues that those cells make-up and the organs formed by those same tissues. Of course inside of every cell there are even smaller microscopic forms such as the mitochondria of each cell – which are considered the cells powerhouse – they produce the energy required to drive the cell and to keep it and you alive and functioning. One must wonder how well those mitochondria will function if their cells are deplete in this essential substance.  Dr. Duane Graveline tells us that he believes Statins Drugs (which deplete the body of cholesterol) can cause mutations in the mitochondria of the cells. It is worth reading his story.

There are more and more stories and medical reports surfacing about cellular damage ascribed to Statin Drugs. Only recently has it become public knowledge that Diabetes (type 2) is more prevalent among Statin users, as is memory loss.

Today we learn that Statin users are more prone to Eye Damage.

A new study confirms cholesterol-lowering statin drugs cause eye problems. 

Medscape News reports: “Statin users are more than 50% likelier to develop age-related cataracts… And type 2 diabetics who use statins are at even greater risk of cataracts”.

Author Justin Smith ($tatin Nation) tells us:

This is hardly a surprise since the lens membrane of the eye requires a constant supply of cholesterol. In fact, the lens membrane contains the highest cholesterol content of any known membrane. This cholesterol has to be synthesised locally. Statins of course, impair this cholesterol production and can therefore cause an alteration in the function of the lens.

We have been misled and fed a pack of financial lies in order to coerce us into believing that too much cholesterol would kill us. The definition of TOO MUCH is an arbitrary number, lowered regularly by pharmaceutical interests to create more revenue. This has not led to any statistically relevant number of lives saved, and has certainly led to a HUGE amount of people requiring doctors services and pharmaceutical drugs for other medical conditions, which can be directly linked to  artificially lowered cholesterol.

Statin Drugs can and do have side effects, some are minor and transient – according to the pharmaceutical interests who ply their trade. Others ( many more) can be permanent, and we are rarely warned about these.  Doc Graveline tells us:

Not only have statin drug companies failed to adequately warn prescribing physicians of permanent cognitive loss associated with statin use, they have failed to warn about permanent neuromuscular and neurodegenerative consequences. Thousands of unsuspecting people have become victims and in most of these cases their doctors, having had no advance warning from the pharmaceutical industry, have tended to disregard patient complaints, offering almost any explanation other than the correct one.

On hearing hundreds of complaints about doctor rebuff on this subject of statin side effects, I well recall the words of Doctor Ellsworth Amidon, my professor of medicine at Vermont College of Medicine, way too many years ago: “Listen well to the words of the patient, my young doctors, for they are telling you the diagnosis.”

You and those whom you love are being ripped off financially, but more importantly,  you are being made into invalids through the use of these drugs. There is a new movie due out in September which will give you facts, figures and testimonials from both medical personel and victims of this scam. More information now available at $TATIN NATION.

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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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