ASK Them WHY are you doing this to Us and Our Children

Yes you are most probably fed up with all the mail you receive expounding on the dangers of the chemicals they put into your drinking water, just to keep you safe and healthy. Maybe this will be the last you will ever need, because it just may contain the information you require, to take to your local council or water authority, to get answers and a firm timetable for when they will cease and desist completely from deliberately poisoning you and your children.

WATER FLUORIDATION is a topic that you either ignore because you believe the government says it is both necessary and good for your health, or you become incensed about because you know the government is lying and it is poisoning you and your children. I do not believe you can be a fence sitter in this discussion. If you are, then I pray you will learn something of immense value which will cause you to fall off your perch and join the ranks of those who are incensed!

Let’s do a bit of recap here and go back to how fluoridation – fluoride was used in the late 1930’s.

This insanity of putting Sodium Fluoride into drinking water had its first occurrence in the German ghettos and in Nazi Germany’s infamous concentration camps. (Source) The Gestapo had little concern about dental hygiene or the effect on teeth. Their reason for the mass medicating of water with Sodium Fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their prison camps into calm, malleable, submissive and docile attitudes. “The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben,” by Joseph Borkin goes into detail regarding this very early practice. If you can find a copy, buy it!

What is this chemical then? Sodium Fluoride comes predominantly from Aluminum Smelting / processing. It is a poisonous by-product that somehow ended up in our drinking water as saviour of our dental enamel.

Natural News (in a recent article tells us) “The material safety data sheets from Solvay fluorides show that a teaspoon amount of five grams of sodium fluoride can be fatal to an average size man of 70kg. … chronic toxicity by oral route may cause skeletal and dental fluorosis, thyroid, testes, kidney, liver, ambiguous carcinogenic and mutagenic effects, fetotoxic and fertility effects.”

(It is) also noted that fluoride toothpaste contains a warning that anyone who consumes more than a pea-size amount should contact a poison control center at once.

 Whatever the strength of your belief that the government is doing you a great big favour by saving you and your children from terrible dental problems – which has been disproved time and time again, I think I can show you that they are wrong and you are being played for a fool! 

FLUORIDE AND TOOTH DECAY   Tooth decay has indeed decreased around the world.  However, fluoride is not the cause. Tooth decay has declined as much or more in non-fluoridated areas as in those with fluoridation.  This has been reported in Germany, British Columbia, New Zealand, Cuba, Finland, and the United States.  Some small studies show slight benefits of fluoridation.  One American study of 39,207 children showed reduced decay of deciduous teeth in 5-year olds in fluoridated areas compared with unfluoridated areas, but no reduction in decay in permanent teeth.  The larger studies worldwide show little or no dental benefits of water fluoridation.

The Journal Fluoride, Vol. 27, #1, 13-22, 1994 reported that in a study of 98% of the children in New Zealand over 14 years, fluoridation had no dental benefit on these children.  In fact, non-fluoridated communities had slightly less decay.  Tooth decay correlated with the level of income and nutrition, not fluoridation.  

A study of over 400,000 children in India also showed no benefit of water fluoridation.  Studies in England and Scotland found the same result.  Dr. Albert Schatz, discoverer of streptomycin, found the same thing in Chile in a study spanning 40 years.  A recent study in Tucson, Arizona by Dr. Cornelius Steelink, University of Arizona, showed an increase in decayed, missing or filled teeth with increased fluoride in the drinking water. 

As a result of these and other studies, almost all major nations except the US and Britain (and Australia) have stopped fluoridating. 98% of Europe has stopped it.  Ireland, one of the few European nations still doing it, is considering discontinuing it.  Canada has advised against giving it to children less than 6 years old.  India, China and Japan studied it thoroughly and discontinued it.

Remember my earlier comment that the Nazi’s used sodium fluoride to dumb down the captives during World War II? I came across another article today to add to those already screaming about the dangers of this chemical. 

If you really want the very best for your children and your Grandchildren,  then why would you allow them to put a chemical into the water supply that will lower their IQ? This is what dumbing down is you know; lowering their brain’s ability to take in information, and slowing their reflexes and ability to become aggressive, or angry and unhappy when things are not to their liking. This of course allows the government to pass laws such as the Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme without any serious uproar from the general public. (It is an Australian Tax) 

A review of brain studies involving the use of fluoride has concluded that one of the adverse effects of fluoride exposure on children is damage to their neurological development.1 According to the Harvard researchers, children who lived in high-fluoride areas had “significantly lower IQ than those in low fluoride areas,” with the authors noting:

“The results support the possibility of an adverse effect of high fluoride exposure on children’s neurodevelopment. “

This just adds to the growing number of animal and human studies demonstrating the damage fluoride inflicts on your brain, including your pineal gland. The results of one study looking at children’s intelligence in two towns – one with fluoridated water and one without – were particularly revealing, with about 28 percent of the children in the low-fluoride area scoring as “bright, normal or higher intelligence” compared to only 8 percent in the high-fluoride area.2

Further, 15 percent of children in the high-fluoride city had signs of mental retardation, compared with only 6 percent in the low-fluoride city.

So what is it going to take to get you off your backside and down to the council chambers to seek this to stop immediately? Will you take this article to your school principal and demand all water used at school be pure and free from this chemical?

These are the facts…. Plain and simple…… no embellishments at all…. Oh I see, you’re going to have another glass of water and think about it some more…….

It is not just the water from the tap either, fruit juices, all processed foods, the cattle and chickens drink it too…… gosh talk about a compounded insult and you don’t care????

FURTHER READING: It helps to have facts when you go to war on behalf of your children.

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2 Responses to ASK Them WHY are you doing this to Us and Our Children

  1. Reblogged this on JustMEinT's General Blog and commented:

    Is the future of your child the main priority of your life? Why then do you allow the government to give them a highly toxic drug, to lower their IQ?

  2. Frances says:

    The government is not going to stop using flouride in our water. What I have done is buy myself an electric water filter / chiller, mine uses the Brita 1 Cartridge, Classic. The water tastes nice again. My son was having icepick headaches but they stopped after I introduced the water filter. You can buy the charcoal filter’s at the local supermarkets, and KMart etc.

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