BORON – A Magical Mineral – Part One

I have rarely come across a multi vitamin / mineral capsule that contained BORON. I wonder why? That is not to say they don’t exist –Life Extension immediately springs to mind with their product. However it just does not seem common.

A little reading and research shows how amazing this mineral really is for the human body. And like many other minerals we only require it in small – trace amounts. Literally you could wet the end of your small finger and dip it into BORAX powder, once a day – to get all the boron your body needs.

So what are some of the benefits of this mineral; what is its history and why am I only just learning about it? I will tell you some of what I have learned, but encourage you to follow the links provided and do some further reading yourself. The following is compiled from many articles available using Google Search Tools.

The things that stand out for me about this little known or talked about mineral concern calcium and magnesium absorption, cholesterol lowering (in chickens) and arthritis management. It seems to also have some effect on hormone levels and affects both the parathyroid and the thyroid glands.

(LINK)  Boron was accepted in 1923 as an essential nutrient for all vascular plants. Since then, evidence has been accumulating that boron may be required by animals and humans. Boron is known to influence a variety of metabolic actions. It interacts with calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium, which are all important in bone metabolism. Boron accumulates in bone in concentrations dependent on the amount of boron consumed. Boron has also been found to increase steroid hormone concentrations in postmenopausal women and to have antioxidant properties, which could make it beneficial in preventing atherosclerosis. Boron is abundant in nature as boric acid and borate and can be obtained in the diet through the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and legumes.  This review article discusses past research that shows the nutritional importance of dietary boron in both animals and humans.

Ask anyone about minerals that help to maintain health and prompt will be the reply – calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Very few would name boron in the list of health promoting nutrients. Unlike other minerals that are required in higher concentration on a daily basis, boron requirement is less to fulfil body needs. Hence, boron is regarded as a trace mineral, which means the body requires it in smaller amounts to drive its biological processes. Having said that, one cannot undermine the multitude of health benefits the mineral provides. Research confirms that boron deficiency can have a negative impact on bone and joint health. Some of the proven boron uses health wise discussed below:

Promotes Bone Health; Relieves Arthritis;
Alleviates Menopausal Symptoms; Improves Cardiovascular Problems

Managing heart ailments like congestive heart failure can be much easier with adequate boron intake. CHF that is typically marked by poor functioning of the heart causes breathing problems, fluid retention in the legs, weight gain and decrease in appetite. Intake of boron through diet or in supplemental form can play a crucial role to improve CHF symptoms.

Lowers Cholesterol
Boron displays cholesterol lowering properties, which was evident in animal study. In a study, chicken were also given boron along with regular meals, for a specified duration. Results showed that the inclusion of boron in their diet helped to bring down cholesterol in chickens. Whether human studies will produce the same outcome is not yet established but the effect of boron on humans is under scrutiny and further results are awaited.

Supports Brain Function
Expect better memory, higher concentration levels and mental alertness when the diet is rich in boron. How important boron is for us can be gauged from the fact that people with poor boron intake are likely to have a hard time staying focused.

Promotes Muscle Building; Combats Fungal Infections etc (LINK to full article)

Health Benefits of Boron
Boron is a vital trace mineral that is required for normal growth and health of the body. Many disease conditions like arthritis, menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis among others are naturally managed by Boron. It is believed that boron improves the natural ability of human body to absorb calcium and magnesium.

Deficiency symptoms: Though the deficiency symptoms of boron are not fully understood, it is known that boron deficiency might cause abnormal metabolism of calcium and magnesium. Some of the other symptoms include Hyperthyroidism, Sex hormone imbalances, osteoporosis, arthritis and brain malfunction.

Important sources: Fruits like apples, oranges, almonds, red grapes, pear, plum, kiwi, sultanas, dates, vegetables, soybeans and nuts are rich sources of Boron. Chickpeas, borlotti beans, hazel nuts, currants; peanut butter, red kidney beans, tomato, lentils, olive, onion, potato wine, beer etc are also notable sources of Boron.

Boron is an essential trace element that is largely overlooked. However, it is very crucial to include boron in the daily diet to ensure a healthy and diseases free life. Some of its benefits include the following:


  • o    Prevents arthritis: Boron is a successful treatment option for arthritis and in more than 95% of cases significant improvement was noticed by bringing about effective calcium integration into the cartilage and bone. With increase in age the bones might become weak and porous and boron can stem this deterioration effectively.
  • o    Reduces severity of rheumatoid arthritis: Boron greatly reduces the allergic conditions that are typically associated with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • o    Used for body building in males: Boron is able to enhance the testosterone levels in males and this quality is increasingly being made use of by male body builders and athletes. Though some weight lifters prefer to take boron supplements as it enhances the testosterone levels, making them sturdy, no concrete evidence is available to drive home this point.
  • o    Helps in bone building: The bone building capacities of boron are often ignored in favor of calcium. However, it is boron that works in unison with calcium to strengthen the bones. It plays a very important role in minimizing the risks of osteoporosis and arthritis. Boron helps in the metabolism of minerals that are involved in bone development such as calcium, magnesium and copper. Boron also affects the hormones of estrogen and testosterone that are also related to the overall health of the bones.
  • o    Helps in production of estrogen: Boron might improve the production of estrogen in menopausal women, bringing back their sex drive within a few days of treatment. Boron increases the level of natural sex hormones in the body, thereby reducing the need for Hormone replacement therapy.
  • o    Ensures proper embryonic development: Boron is essential in reproduction and development of fetus though not much information is available in this regard.
  • o    Prevents post menopausal osteoporosis: Boron can ease the symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats that are typically associated with menopause.
  • o    Useful in cancer therapy: Boron neutron capture agents are used for cancer therapy and in the development of strong enzyme inhibitors. Boron compounds are also used as antibody mimics that can easily identify biologically important saccharides.
  • o    Helps to maintain proper cell membrane function: Boron plays an important role in maintaining transmembrane functions and in stabilizing the hormone reception.
  • o    Helps in preventing blood clots: It is believed that boron can influence some of the blood clotting factors in the body. However, mores studies need to be done to authenticate this finding.
  • o    Reduces congestive heart failure conditions: Boron can significantly alleviate the difficulties caused by congestive heart failure conditions.
  • o    Lowers plasma lipid levels: Boron helps to reduce lipid accumulation and enables in the removal of cholesterol.
  • o    Decreases the severity of fungal infections: Boron protects the body from a host of parasitic attacks such as Candida Albicans.
  • o    Improves brain function and cognitive performance: Studies have shown that boron can enhance brain function, eye-hand coordination, short memory and concentration.
  • o    It serves as enzyme inhibitors: Boron might inhibit some enzymes while serving as a cofactor for yet another enzymatic reaction.

Remember, even Elixir could turn poisonous in high doses
Symptoms of overdose toxicity would include nausea, vomiting, weakness, loose motion, and dermatitis. In some cases skeletal abnormalities are also noticed. Normally boron is easily absorbed, and excreted through urine. In persons with kidney problems, boron might accumulate in heart, kidneys, brain and tissues. (LINK)

A review of animal and human research on boron yielded the following information which points to a much more comprehensive view of boron.

Deficiency in boron has been shown to contribute to:
1. Abnormal embryo development
2. Decreased sperm count
3. Ovarian deterioration
4. Damage in reproductive function
5. Decrease in electrical activity in the brain
6. Sub optimal mineral metabolism
7. Poor manual dexterity
8. Impaired hand-eye coordination

Boron supplementation was found to:
1. Increase steroid hormone levels (testosterone) and therefore may be of interest to athletes
2. Increase bone growth and strength
3. Augment estrogen function and therefore may help prevent atherosclerosis
4. Improve brain function and cognitive functioning
5. Reduce HDL cholesterol
6. Affect thyroid hormone levels
7. Alleviate harmful effects of vitamin D, magnesium, and potassium deficiency in postmenopausal bone loss
8. Play a role in the prevention of osteoporosis
9. Be of benefit in the treatment of arthritis
10. Prevents calcium loss in postmenopausal women

Some information about Boron:
1. Dried prunes are a good source of boron
2. The bones of humans using boron supplement are harder to cut
3. Research indicates that areas of the world with highest intake of dietary boron have the lowest incidence of arthritis
4. Boron increased life span in animal studies
5. Boron works synergistically with calcium and magnesium
6. Boron balances vitamin D3 deficiency
7. Boron contributes to growth cartilage maturation

Boron occurs in various forms in fruits, vegetables and nuts.The amount of boron is rather low (as indicated in the chart below), so these food sources are not practical sources of the recommended amount of boron.

Apple (red)
Apricots (dried)
Beans (red kidney)
Bran (wheat)
Brazil Nuts
Cashew Nuts (raw)
Chick Peas
Grapes (red)
Boron (mg/100g)2.82
FOODHazel Nuts
Peanut Butter
Wine (Shiraz Cabernet)
Boron (mg/100g)2.77

Additional Information on Boron (LINK)

The health benefits of boron

Boron and bone health


So I hope you can see that this little known and thought about mineral has a multiplicity of, possibly life saving uses for the human body, and may be worth your while investing some time in learning more about it.

Part Two: Boron – A Magic Mineral

JUST UP – Part Three An Essential Magic Mineral



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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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  2. Doloris Whetsel says:

    Calcium supplements are really needed if you want to have strong bones and also if you want to avoid osteoporosis. Pregnant women needs even more calcium. “`,,

    Thanks again“>

    • The vast majority of the general public do not require additional calcium supplementation. A high percentage of people drink milk and eat milk products like cheese and yoghurt. Some use calcium fortified foods such as bread and even some processed foods now contain or are fortified with calcium. Yes the bones are built with calcium and so are your teeth, but it is absolutely useless to you if all your additional calcium is floating around in the blood stream or being deposited in your muscels of artery walls. Calcium requires magnesium to keep it in balance. ANd please don’t forget that:

      Boron seems to be essential for healthy bone and joint function, possibly via effects on the balance and absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.1 It seems to affect cell membranes and the way signals are transmitted across these membranes.
      Boron affects the metabolism of steroid hormones and may also play a role in converting vitamin D to its more active form, thus increasing calcium uptake and deposition into bone. Boron also increases male sex hormone levels.

      It is seriously dangerous for people of over dose – even inadvertantly on calcium…. always balance it with the required other minerals.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • gj says:

      Most Americans get plenty of calcium – too much, in fact. The issue is it ends up in the wrong place – deposited in soft tissue and in-between cells, interfering with normal functions. Both magnesium and boron play a crucial role in guiding calcium to the places it needs to be, particularly the hard tissue (bones and teeth). Funny enough, most mainstream media articles and food/nutritional products discuss calcium for bones but never mention the other two. Without magnesium and boron, all the calcium in the world will do little good.

      If that wasn’t bad enough, most people supplement with crap like calcium carbonate, which is rock powder, and clogs up tissue and cells more.

      • And don’t forget the much needed action of Vitamin K2 in seeing that calcium reached the bones and teeth and stays OUT of the arteries.

      • Ewi says:

        Agreed. Also don’t forget vitamin D as well. Without boron, phosphorus, vitamin D, the calcium is building up in the blood rather than in the bones.

    • don’t you think we get sufficient calcium in the food supply with everything being ‘fortified’?

  3. Chris Pieper says:

    Thank you for this highly informative article. I too have recently discovered the wonders of Boron and have been taking calcium fructoborate as my source. It is a wonder why doctors continue to push calcium as a supplement. China has very low osteoporosis and arthritis and yet they have the lowest intake of calcium in the world. The world’s highest intake of calcium is in Finland where they suffer from the highest rates of osteoporosis. Boron deficiencies in the soil have been correlated with arthritis. Boron also supports vitamin D synthesis and vitamin D has been shown to directly affect the health of our gut microbiome. The microbiome is just now being explored for its critical importance in everything from mental health, to immune function, and nutrient synthesis.

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  7. Alan L Russell says:

    What is required is funding for double blind studies to convince physcians to look at Boron. No patent,no profit no funding. Since 1975 the work of Dr Newnham has shown the direction and effects of Boron.. The recent paper double blind demonstrated that patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis had a 50% reduction in boron in blood levels!!

  8. alice reawcki says:

    I was introduced to Boron Fructoborate almost a year ago. Since taking 2 capsules per day, I have found that my fingers,hands and knees don’t swell up during the day nor are they stiff in the morning. My joints are not paining where as before I would have flair up. I think taking it in its fullest form, is vital and not just as a ingredient along with other vitamins or minerals.
    However, I have not found it readily available in Toronto, so I am purchasing it from the USA.
    Why is this? In addition to this it is imperative that we understand that while taking key supplements we must do our part and keep active mentally and physically. alice rawecki

  9. Shanelle Numtwentytwo says:

    I just need to cry with this g-d-found information! My joints are feeling better with boron supplementation, finally. Does anyone know if it would be beneficial to take comfrey/boneknit along with boron? I’m aiming to up my level of boron to 15 mg daily for a month and then maintain with 3mg daily to reduce joint swelling?

  10. Alan L Russell says:

    If Boron lives up to the past small trials,some double blinded ,it will provide physicians and patients with a great natural weapon .The savings to health care costs will be great,it is a true win ,win situation.
    One must ask again why support for research,articles ,exposure etc are held back.To me it looks like a miracle,covered up since the original work by Dr Newnham in 1975 in Australia.One should read his life history on the internet.
    Who benefits by suppression???

  11. Ivo Pazzelli says:

    I have been using Boron for over a year now and noticed a significant improvement in my joint flexibility. The stiffness has been reduced and a major reduction of my Heberden nodes has taken place. Why is it that Boron is not promoted seeing that it has so many benefits?

  12. I cannot help but be a little cynical about the WHY’s
    Firstly there is no money to be made off a substance that cannot be patented
    I also question Charities (which I think is the correct terminology for say the Arthritis Society)……
    Are they sponsored by the Big Pharmaceuticals… who do they obtain their money from? So who would they come out in favour of with a substance like Boron (rhetorical)
    Please do not misunderstand my comments it is simply my experience that he who pays the piper plays the tune.

    I am admitting to bias and lack of trust in the Big Companies etc… they are not in the business of healing people – or they would put themselves out of business.

    • Alan L Russell says:

      A great comment,how do we turn this into actiuon re getting research done on Boron..With a war going on the best study to date is from University of Baghdad by Dr Ziad et al in the Journal of Experimental Medicine 2013; 3 1 9-15.
      The answer is blowing in the wind!!! and we are unable to harness

      • alice rawecki says:

        perhaps through word of mouth of lay people who are finding positive improvement in their conditions, it will be that masses ,that will trigger some individual or researcher who will put themselves out to give boron a spot in the top list of to do’s. for the sake of us individuals who are dealing with pain and discomfort. I have taken a photo of my palm and will monitor as I think the size of the node has gotten smaller . I should have done this at the start to bench mark it .
        alice rawecki

    • alan russell says:

      Sent from my iPad


    • alan russell says:

      Sent from my iPad


      • alice rawecki says:

        is the most of their money gained from private and annual fund drives. as we as donators think when we send money it is going to the cause we are never told how much goes were. the money seems to go into one pot and someone or body decides what goes where. So I as one doubt and have limited my donation to these drives.

  13. Alan L Russell says:

    Re research.Boron is like many other orphan agents.A good example is glucosamine with articles,no help from major companies its profile was raised.Now it may have an action increasing longivity and oreventing certain cancers,N.I.H study.
    One should keep a profile,letters to societies,government agencies,sympathetic papers and journals.
    Glucosamine took off in Canada with one 5 minute interview on T.V,everyone jumped on the bandwagon as it was news.This allowed double blind studies,it is possible that doages should have been higher,has a very low toxicity.
    I think Boron has a much more important role in health than Glucosamine acting on a common pathway for many inhibiting CRP..Google the actions from arthritis to menopause.
    How long can this agent go untested. If only one function was proven it would save health care millions not to forget suffering,

  14. Problem here is that Pharmaceutical Drugs are not made to save lives (in general) but to manage symptoms. Too Many Cures would put them out of business…. yes I know I am sceptical!

    • alice rawecki says:

      Hello ,
      I would like to comment on the how I believe the intake of 2 tablets of Boron have helped me with a condition called Dupuytrens which is a hand deformity that affects a layer of tissue that lies under the skin of the palm of your hand . These knots of tissue can be a bother and can give you some pain depending on the size and location. Having read information on Boron and what it can do for various ailments and conditions, I thought to give it a try. For the last appox 4 months I have noticed that the size of knot has decreased in size and allows me to be able to bend my fingers to a closed fist without much bother. I am trying to be optimistic that with continue intake that these knots of tissue will break down further.

      • Alice this is great positive news for your condition and I pray that the improvement continues unabated for you. YOU SAID ‘tablets’ of Boron……… my goodness in Oz boron is hidden away in pharmacies as a toxic substance unfit for human consumption. Would you share with us where you find ‘tablets’ please.

      • alice rawecki says:

        I guess I should have said “capsules”. just 2 per day. morning and evening. The company that I purchase it from is Future Ceuticals. direct. fruitexb. com I am taking it as directed on the bottle.
        hope this helps. Each capsule 218 mg ,

  15. Alan L Russell says:

    Re JustME .PharmaceuticalCo, have to think of shareholders first,,they are in business. What is missing is Government involvement,it would save health costs,ease suffering,reduce load on health care system and the tax burden . Arthritic pain and joiunt replacement are very expensive and with an aging population a growing cost.
    The real disappointment is the lack of involvement and care of societies that could help.
    A rough guess is that the cost of ten replacement operations would more than fund a double blind study..
    What is society about!!!

  16. Cures do not bring in the dollars whereas ongoing drug maintenance does……

  17. Alan L Russell says:

    The answer is in our hands,by raising profile it must start to be more noticed,or us they say these days go virial.Two good large double blind trials and they will even teach about Boron in medical schools.
    We have to use trhe media!!!

  18. Marcia says:

    Boron reduces HDL cholesterol. Why would anyone want to LOWER their GOOD cholesterol levels?

  19. Alan L Russell says:

    What is the above comment from,HDL is good LDL is bad Interested in source of comment

  20. A Russell says:

    At present the tendency with control drugs but no cures with ageing population, universal health care will go bankrupt. for certain. Would a company guarantee a car for 100 years that is what initial universal care did!!Boron is a long shot but looking good to be a major help.
    Remember it was discovered by accident not in a drug company lab with potential of profit.

  21. for those who are following comments on this blog…..


  22. Alan L Russell says:

    The timing of this comment could not have been more apt in the Boron saga.
    I was one of the co-authors of the paper you quote above on niacinamide.As a result I got to know Dr Kaufman and the story is worth telling as an example of what happens to orphan drug discoveries In the past and nothing has changed to this day or will if nothing is done.
    Dr Kaufmanon published two books on his meticulous research work on niacinamide at the beginning of the Second World War.Niacinamide a vitamin was obviously without patent or profit
    To publish a book then with paper rationing it had to have great merit and a need for a country at war.Interest lasted a short time as no patent no profit goes back a long way.
    After our paper Dr Kaufman in his nineties hit the headlines but niacinamide faded into oblivion after a few months.
    We need,one way or another an organisation to support proven orphan agents,also those where the patent is expired and research stopped leaving many positive actions of medical benefit not investigated.
    Who will investigate the strong NIH suggestion in a recent paper of a trial of 7700 people that Glucosamine most likely increases longevity and inhibits cancer!!!
    Money,honesty to cure and commitment is needed not profit All will benefit around the World.
    A dream that may remain so for ever.
    Dr Alan Russell

    • Wow Dr. Alan – nice to learn about your association with Dr. Kaufman…… Dr. Andrew Saul cannot praise him highly enough. I am just about to give myself a one month trial with B Vitamins ( much higher Niacinamide) to see if I can control my muscle and joint pains.

      I am also a Statin Drug opponent, and doing reading and research is second nature to me. The battle with The Big Pharmaceutical Industry is all about money (sadly) and the saying Primum non nocere is simply NOT in their vocabulary….. neither do they want to effect cures….. that would seem to destroy their financial base.

      LDN is also another drug which shows tremendous promise but which is being ignored by the pharmaceutical industry – (

      It is left up to us to share the facts, figures and message that there are natural substances which work better (in many cases) than ugly prescription drugs. While we exist, the pharma industry will always have a battle on their hands.

      Thank you so very much for reporting your involvement in this discovery which is quite unknown in the general public arena.

      Clare (JustMEinT)

  23. Just a quick search using GOOGLE and the parameters ‘multi mineral + boron’ brings up a few products where this vital element is included……

  24. A Russell says:

    I think at the point in time with this dialogue re Boron ,is that unless some wealthy individual or foundation forms an Orphan Drug Foundation all these drugs will be buried in time.A great loss to health care ,especially the poor.
    This applies to Boron, Selenium,Dilantin,Niacinamide ,Silversol,etc.,the list is very long and time will bury these agents.Many cheap effective generic drugs are disappearing from use.

  25. Sue says:

    I have been following this very interesting article and wanted to add what has happened to me.
    Dr. Alan Russell introduced me to Boron about six months ago. Rheumatoid Arthritis is in my family my Grandmother and now my Mother have crippled hands and feet. After getting certain symptoms myself Dr. Russell Recommended I get tested. Luckily for me my results came back negative, but I was suffering with constant aches and pains and also menopausal symptoms of sleeplessness, foggy brain and terrible hot flushes day and night. I started taking Boron Fruitex B
    once a day for a couple of weeks and then 2 per day, one in the morning and one with my last meal at night. My aches and pains are nearly all gone, sleep most of the time is good and hot flushes greatly reduced I am sure with time things will improve even more. Thank you to
    Dr. Alan Russell and Boron

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  27. Hey there! This post couldn’t be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!

    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  28. Steven Taylor says:

    I was hit by a car almost 30 years ago and lost motor function in my left leg and have had many operations including nerve graphs, tendon lengthening, tendon transfers and finally had my ankle and toes fused about 15 years ago. I have had a lot of pain from it over the years and was referred to Dr. Russel to help manage it a few years back. He started me on Fruitex.B over a year ago to help with the pain. I took it for a while but it did not seem to help with the pain so I stopped taking it. After about a month or so of not taking it I just felt like something was missing. Tired all the time, no energy, a little depressed maybe so I started taking again. It doesn’t “seem” to help with the pain but I am sleeping better and have more energy and just generally feel better. So It must be giving something I was lacking.

    Steve Taylor

    • Alan L Russell says:

      Having tried for two years to get funding for a large double blind trial or media coverage on BORON and failed,I wonder why? Since 1970 numerous positive reports have appeared in the world literature just Google or read the Blog above.I have a cabinet full of reasonable small studies,an outstanding paper from Iraq.
      It makes my battle to raise the profile of Glucosamine seem simple,why the block on BORON.People are suffering costs to healthcare increase etc.
      Tried the arthritis societies both side of pond nothing.!!!!!!!
      We need to form A BORON TEA PARTY.!!!!

  29. Alan L Russell says:

    I hate to seem to be hogging this site but the neglect of Boron is amazing. Little energy is being spent in actually investigating this subject by large clinical studies that would convince the ultra conservative medical world. If I am right the cost in healthcare dollars and suffering is vast by this neglect.
    This note was preciptated by contacting two international arthritis societies for their views on Boron and interest. One did not reply to many letters and emails, the other could “find no reference to the use of or,research into Boron as a way of treating arthritis”!!!! This is truly shattering and an avenue to follow by the general publicand donors.

  30. Fully Agree Alan…. it is of NO benefit to the pharmaceutical interest as they cannot make a profit from it. Have you considered the veterinary aspect? or the agricultural aspect. Can you imagine what breakfast cereal manufacturers could do (with the science to back it up) advertising their breakfast as containing the Most Needed Trace Mineral on Planet Earth? (have to tell you I am personally anti grains) but heck…. millions upon millions of people on the planet eat Kellogg’s (or similar) for sustenance. Just thinking out loud!

  31. Janice Thompson says:

    I’m a little late to the discussion but the medical literature does show the therapeutic effects of Boron. This recent study shows a relationship between low boron serum levels and Rheumatoid Arthritis –
    J Exp Integr Med. 2013; 3(1): 9-15 “Serum boron concentration in rheumatoid arthritis: correlation with disease activity, functional class, and rheumatoid factor”
    The Arthritis societies should be funding studies that the pharmaceutical companies won’t!

  32. Alan L Russell says:

    What must we do to get funding for studies on Boron. It has been pushed below the radar for over 50 years. How much pain ,suffereing and disability may have have been and could be prevented.
    This is an unbelievable situation.The U.K Arthritis Society does not have one reference to Boron on file.We have sent them 50! Other societies have not answered numerous requests for comments on Boron.
    Perhaps we should try the tack of crime against humanity ,which it is!!!.
    We must take the fight to wider social media.,we need Bloggers not societies that do little except take donations..Everyone can blog.

  33. Warren says:

    Quick question if I may
    Genetics and accidents are plaguing us, Wife and I had bad accidents when young, and after many yrs both have had two lumbar fusions, wife is in agony 24/7, our eldest daughter had a fusion last yr and is in agony, useless surgeon, only One level and he or the anesthetist did something wrong, Son has an autoimmune disorder, psoriatic arthritis and can hardly use his hands or stay on his feet for long, and is only 35
    Would Boron help us, daughter has a 5 yr old girl and husband, it is hard for her
    If you believe it will, I will try and get some, is it safe to take the borax salt etc, or should I look into pills, we are on pensions, so the powder would be economical for me, am wifes carer and in pain myself, blessed lot hey
    Can buy this on ebay, if ok what is the best way to take, can encapsulate it in gelatin capsules
    Any tips or advice will be appreciated, unless you recommend a bullet of course lol
    Borax 2.9kg 99.9% Pure And Natural From Turkey No Additives That Most Contain

    AU $39.95

  34. Alan L Russell says:

    It is difficult to give advice on line,this site contains some good comments and is a lighthouse to spread the word .Claire who runs this forum is doing great work . Boron is a natural element found in many foods,it is sold O.T.C in North America at the same level as Calcium ,Magnesium,Vitamins.
    The work really started in Dr Newnham in Australia.In my practice I use Boron in a form of organic salt ,not Borax powder , seek advice from your own doctor or Pharmacy.It is inexpensive,takes weeks to work.
    Google the subject,also LinkedIn,M.D could contact me and should be your source of direction.I have no conflict or commercial interest in this subject which is not getting the exposure it should .

    • Warren says:

      Thanks for the response, be a waste of time talking to Dr or pharmacist, we know how blind they are to alternatives
      Am an Aussie in WA, will keep on looking

      • Alan L Russell says:

        The original work on Boron and arthritis was done by the late Dr Rex Newnham in 1975 in Melbourne. Should read what happened to him and why he had to leave Australia.

      • alice rawecki says:

        I have been taking borin, in capsule form for 7 months now. Twice a day. I have Dupeytrens contracture. The cause is unknown but it comes under the umbrella of autoimmune disorders. The system attacks itself. At the moment it is in my right palm between the third and fourth finger.
        These knotted bands of tissues have become hard and opening and closing can be difficult. If you look this on line, google it, you will see the whole description of the condition.
        For me, since taking 2 x per day the boron which comes from the States has helped me in great measure. I had taken the beginning photo and others since, roughly monthly . I can see great change in the size of the Dupeytren. I have too really stretch my hand to see it. Anyone who may have similar conditions, Boron is worth its weight in gold! alice rawecki

    • Warren says:

      It was criminal what they did to him, same over here in the West, a Pharmacist made his own cream called Heal fast, worked great for burns, rashes etc, they the good olde Gov’t raided his pharmacy and shut him down, raided his home, confiscated his computers and formulas
      Trust big Pharma and Gov’t not a chance

  35. alice rawecki says:

    I have been taking borin, in capsule form for 7 months now. Twice a day. I have Dupeytrens contracture. The cause is unknown but it comes under the umbrella of autoimmune disorders. The system attacks itself. At the moment it is in my right palm between the third and fourth finger.
    These knotted bands of tissues have become hard and opening and closing can be difficult. If you look this on line, google it, you will see the whole description of the condition.
    For me, since taking 2 x per day the boron which comes from the States has helped me in great measure. I had taken the beginning photo and others since, roughly monthly . I can see great change in the size of the Dupeytren. I have too really stretch my hand to see it. Anyone who may have similar conditions, Boron is worth its weight in gold! alice rawecki

  36. Warren says:

    Hi Alice, I will look into buying some from the states, at wits end here with all of us suffering, sounds far fetched I know, but it is the Gods truth, Dr that treats us is bewildered as to why we all have spinal probs, me thinks it has a lot to do with family genes, wifes Dad worked in Coal mines, heavy smoker and drinker, My old Man heavy drinker and smoker and One very angry cruel individual, doubt either of them were firing healthy cells
    Was so glad to read about H2O2 as it has helped my asthma to no end, time came to stop relying on Docs and treat naturally, why the Boron seemed like a good idea
    Thanks for posting

  37. Craig says:

    Boron can be obtained from any Binn Inn shop in NZ from between $6 and $16

  38. Craig says:

    Sorry that is in NZ Dollars and That pricing is per Kg

  39. Alan L Russell says:

    It was sad how Dr Rex Newnham was treated following his discovery of the use of Boron in helping or curing arthritis by the Australian Government.,It seems from Warren”s comments that nearly 40 years later Boron is still buried in Australia. One could always go to Carnevon on the North West coast and drink the water,which has a high Boron content. Better still bottle it and sell to fund double blind studies, It could be called Miracle Mineral Joint Elixr more proof than many other products.on the market.

  40. Warren says:

    While waiting for a delivery of tablets, would the Boric Acid being sold on ebay be ok to buy, know you can’t give medical advice etc or make recommendations, but all I want is a simple yay or nay to buy this Expensive and timely buying from the US, and even after paying for the boron tabs they keep asking me to pay for items, even after sending copies of purchase and PayPal receipt.
    Thanks in advance, have read the article and it seems perfectly fine to buy the Acid below, being overly cautious and don’t want to buy the wrong product

    This auction is for 1 x 2KG bag of Boric Acid

    The Boric is fine granules, finer than salt but courser than powder. It does dissolve in liquid but can be spread dry also.

  41. Alan L Russell says:

    On principle I am against taking non “approved products” . Being in a bottle under supervision of health products sale ,makes one feel safer..
    This is a great Blog and reflects the advancement of Boron.
    II has the only note I have ever seen to the improvement of Heberden nodes,confirmed by photographs ,second case I think is due for publication.This is the reversal,remodelling of solid organic pathology.
    Secondly the improvement of Dupuytren’s contacture,which is solid bands of collagen open a new field for Boron in collagen disoders,a dream it helps scleroderma???.
    To a Miracle Element—-BORON

  42. Warren says:

    Thanks Alan, in time I may buy the granules, being on a carers pension, I have to watch the outlays, wife is bad and I am her carer, jokingly, well I hope so lol, she says, I am a carer that doesn’t care

  43. Warren says:

    BTW, a merry Christmas to One and all, coming to an end here, Family have gone home, we are exhausted lol, always good having our Grand daughter here for Christmas, her 5th
    Appreciate all the input and info being presented here

  44. Alan L Russell says:

    Just when I was running out of comments on Boron I cam across this!.A small double blind study on angina. Not only were symptoms reduced but lipid profile was improved,also reduction in universal marker of inflammationIt all seems to good to be true..So are miracles

  45. alan L russell says:

    Sorry for the delay in responding I ran out of Boron,memory slowed.The paper is on the effects of Resveratrol and fructoborate…by Constantin Militaru et al Nutrition 2012 1-6.This is a complex paper but positive for a number of actions.The reduction of C.R.P an acepted marker (indicator) for inflamation in many illnesses from heart disease to R.A shows a broad spectum of action..Boron supplement have shown potential to be of potential effect in treatment of cardiovascular disorders.
    This subject is exciting but needs mega bucks to establish its true worth The effect on what might be called loosely the universal marker of illness,( CRP }has great potential.
    It all sounds too good, but it is most likely the wonder we think it is,Only missing is $$$$ to fund large trials.

  46. Alan Russell says:

    One often forgets just because it is natural ,does not mean it is safe at recommened doses or when occurring naturally as in drinking water.A drinking water study in France of concentration of Boron, suggested a higher birth rate and decreased mortality with levels in drinking water towards the higher accepted safety levels.

    • alice rawecki says:

      I wonder if there have been any other studies where drinking water has been tested for amounts of boron , how about Canadian water? We certainly have high levels of chorine in our tape water . Some days you just need to turn the tap on and can smell the chorine.
      I wonder if the testing in France was by chance or was it specific in finding out how much Boron was in the drinking water ? There is a saying when there is an increase of pregnancies all of a suddent, people will say , ” it must be in the water ” !

  47. Liviana says:

    Hi there,
    Just wanted to add to the success stories. Dr. Alan Russell prescribed Boron to me as I was suffering from hot flashes dozens of times a day. Once I began taking boron (1 pill per day), the hot flashes were reduced by more than 60% after 2-3 weeks. After about three months, I increased my dosage to two pills per day and saw the hot flashes reduce further to about 10% of the original frequency I was experiencing before taking boron. In addition, the intensity of the remaining hot flashes was greatly reduced.
    I would definitely recommend this product to anybody experiencing menopause, as it has had wonderful results for me.

    • alice rawecki says:

      hi Great to here that boron is working for you . I too have found it most helpful with swelling of my joints and Dupuytren’s (du-pwe-TRANZ) contracture is a hand deformity that usually develops slowly, over years. Dupuytren’s contracture affects a layer of tissue that lies under the skin of your palm. Knots of tissue form under the skin — eventually forming a thick cord that can pull one or more of your fingers into a bent position.
      I wonder if there are any people who suffer from Dupuytrens contracture out there?

  48. Alan Russell says:

    Re response of Boron in dealing with flushes.It is believed to work by increasing oestrogen in the body..Because it is natural and works via stimulation natural oestrogen potential theoretical risk exist in patients with past breast cancer or very strong family history.Boron is an orphan agent with little supervision.It is totally natural,in drinking water ,fruits etc.In areas with high levels in water supply only positive effects reported.

  49. alan L russell says:

    Dear Claire .
    Your Boron Blog is doing a great job,even ,quoted by Google etc,whay higher praise!.The title should be the Super Miracle.It is the only friend Boron has,I wonder why?? – Personally I have no financial or other gain interest in Boron other than it has been neglected for decades..
    There is always a danger of a physcian becoming addicted to the subject. I thus went back to read the papers again. from 1975 .In 1990 Newham completed the first double blind study in Australia. A small study but very positive. Since then other studies have proved positive in many parts of the world.!!
    The real question remaining is why is it ignored.??? and what can one do.
    No other agent I have ever read and used has been so effective in so many conditions.It is to good true Paraphrasing the the woman who runs the vitamin department in the local pharmacy,”they crawl in with their arthritis in pain to buy a bottle of Boron ,then run in a month later,very happy for another.”
    It is time we had more input in what is avalable for our health care,Certainly the societies I have contacted have not helped or even replied to numerous letters.
    This is not an isolated agent, look at Niacinamide and the work by that late Dr William Kauffman
    a great physcian and,friend. In 1978 he gave a lecture”Niacinamide ,a most neglected vitamin.
    We must take a more active part i our health care.

  50. Lorraine Connolly says:

    I have taken Boron since October 2014 and I have to say at age 55 my bones feel like I am 20 or 30 years of age. The worst was my knees and feet. I showed a friend me crawling around the floor to show her that my knees could do this, she was amazed. My feet felt like I was actually walking on the actual bones, but to this date my feet feel good. I also have a heel spur right on the heal off left foot and it actually looks like it is shrinking. The joint movement in my hands do not hurt as much.I have started to recommend Boron to friends that have certain ailments to praise this Boron Vitamin product. My daily routine is starting to improve even though I am in pain,from other issues, but the structure off the bones tell me a different story, I wish I knew off this product years ago. I wish every one could try this and see what it could do for their health and life. Thank-you Dr. Russell

  51. alan L russell says:

    I think it is time to retire, go fishing.,and write my meorirs,Arthritis is such a consumer of health care finances that Boron with its other actions could be a game changer.The double blind studies are positive but small. This is the oppurtinity for one of the societies to use thier finacial clout!!!!

  52. Alan L Russell says:

    There must be away to break the impasse on Boron in Human Health. I really can not see why it is not an essential element!!!.What plants need in minerals so do Humans,we all come from the same biochemical stem
    If I was an Olive tree or an Avocardo tree I would be given Boron supplements in fertiliser in the ground or in the case of Avocado a Boron spray..
    It seems farmers are ahead of doctors,good crops equal good profits,good medical care………

    • Dr. Alan…… things down here are haywire right now. My beloved Husband died and then I had a heart attack. If any questions come thru – for the time being would you be so kind as to answer them for me…. many thanks

  53. Alan Russell M.D. says:

    Vert sadden by your news,life is short in the pattern of time.Your good work will affect the longevity and help many enjoy a full life.May it go on as a memorial.
    Will do whatever I can,just ask

  54. Alan L Russell says:

    The effects of Boron above seem too good to believe for a rather bland element..However going back to the basic chemistry I was amazed at the power of Boron.It combines with Nitrogen to produces compounds as hards as diamonds!!,also reacts with polymers found in the body to produce very strong elastic agents.
    What a miracle we may be ignoring

  55. alan L russell says:

    It is very depressing the lack of interest in Boron. Small double blind studies have shown positive effect in O.A R.A brittle bones,cognitive memory ,angina,cognitive memory defect and perhaps most interesting reduction of inflammation as indicated by reduction of C.R.P .Perhaps paper that Boron et al improves Golf Game in Journal of the International Society of Sport Nutrition 2015 2-14 will stimulate interest.


  56. alan L russell says:

    Boron helped arthritic sheepAfter many years of meticulous record-keeping, New Zealand’s equivalent of Dr. Rex Newnham, Professor J.G. Penland demonstrated a direct correlation between boron levels in the plants the sheep in that country consumed, and the severity of osteoarthritis in those sheep. He later found the same correlation in humans.

    This led to a series of experiments. Sheep suffering from arthritis and grazing on land depleted of boron were given boron supplements. The animals showed marked improvements in mobility. Interestingly, the researchers also found that the offspring of the sheep that had been given boron supplements had somehow acquired some protection from arthritis development in later life.

    How much longer must humans suffer

  57. Alan Russell says:

    Dear Claire,
    Are things getting a little better,your work goes on. I hope you find the comment on cancer a new field.References are extensive that their is an association between Boron and reduction of cancer.I found the subject discussed in detail with numerous supportive references in EBA comments on annex XV. dossiers.It is a dry document,page 9 starts on cancer in detail.Also in natural exposure as in mining,drinking water only positive findings.
    More than a Miracle Mineral,it is a Super Miracle Mineral. SMM!!!

  58. Alan Russell says:

    Over the past year the comments on Boron have been too mind boggling at times to believe,yet supported by literature and experience of patients.I was so impressed that I looked no further or it would be like a super miracle element.Many elements have interesting actions in promoting health usually one or two therapeutic actions,such as magnesium,potassium,calcium,etc.,but no a whole spectrum of cures.
    Always worried re side effects and toxicity I started reading the European Borates Association Comments On Annex XV Dossiers,very dry .On page 9 it went into details on the association of natural Boron intake as in food,water etc in areas high In soil Boron. and the reduction of precancerous changes over a considerable range.”Also lung cancer risk was independently increased among women with decreasing dietary natural Boron intake” At least this should be aggressively followed up Perhaps the answer to the curse of cancer is blowing in the soil?
    I hate writing on possible dreams but we have to possibly break the dream of the answer is gong to be found in a test tube in a lab.The answer may be blowing in the soil for us to find,it may be a perfect planet

    • Alan Russell says:

      It. Is like the story of Dr Newnham and his work in Australia based on the distribution of Boron in the soil and arthritis.
      I suppose in another 60 years someone will look at soil levels of Boron and Cancer.
      Once an orphan always an orphan

  59. alan L russell says:

    In the dim past Boron in various forms was used in many skin conditions. and then lost with the development of antbiotic and cortisone creams.Cost,side effects wre not uncommon, Interestingly topical boron is reported to be effective in atopic dermatitis in recent study reported in Paediatric News March. It works by inhibiting known inflammatory agents in the skin.This opens up a new frontier,perhaps even Psoriases

  60. Alan Russell says:

    There seems to be no limit to the Miracle Element .Perhaps this a totally balanced planet,look no further certainly not in a test tube or lab
    The largest folder I have in my filing system is on the use of Boron on Avocado farming,even one paper on a computer programme to calculate the dose per tree. It pays off in better fruit .Have you seen an ill Avocado recently.

  61. alan L russell says:

    Dear Mr CooK,
    This is not the site to say how sadden we are to hear of your mothers death. I hope her work will be continued as it is of great use and outstanding re Boron and other natural health cures.
    If it is a question of help of any nature this is most likely available,.you have my e mail address.

  62. Alan Russell says:

    It is easy to get carried away with a subject like Boron, is it the magic mineral??.Recently I received a paper on a study of Boron ointment on atopic eczema, with interesting positive results, without the side effects of steriods.
    Most interesting was the discussion of the unique atomic structur of elemental Boron The atom seems to suppress well known inflammatory agents which cause the eczema and are known to be the causative agent in other conditions. Boron may not only be Magical but unique in dealing with othewr conditions as mentioned above.
    One of the markers is C.R,P often raised in conditions from inflammatory arthritis to heart disease,often Boron seems to dercrease this marker does this refect the effect on underling illness
    On the theory there is nothing new under the sun topical Boron has been used for many years in the past. This might also explain why skin disoders often get better in spas with high Boron levels a fact that was observed in Roman times.

  63. ALAN RUSSELL says:


  64. Alan L Russell says:

    Test 2

  65. Alan L Russell says:

    Dupuytrens’s contraction responding to oral Boron given over one year.Past work has shown action of Boron on collagen fibers From dysfunctional hand to normal function

  66. Alan L Russell says:

    Full case report on Linkedin under my posts

  67. Alan Russell says:

    Great to see the site is up and running,reflects the work of Claire and commitments to truth in medical non patented products.One little voice against advertising .

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