Edible Crud designed to save Mother Earth

I guess most of the younger generation has been indoctrinated into believing that we as a species are killing the planet, and that only the United Nations can save us from ourselves. Isn’t that what this latest summit in Rio is all about – Sustainable Development?

It has actually had many names – think about ‘smart growth’, ‘sharing the wealth’, ‘Agenda 21’ and ‘protecting the planet’ all expressions that have been used in the past, but a rose by any other name…… well it can still stink!

Not to get too far sidetracked here, I want to bring to your attention a thing which is coming down the pipeline to a supermarket/store near you.

As any regular shopper would know, manufacturers are constantly designing and redesigning their products and containers, to make them more appealing to the consumer – that is you and I.

No matter how they try and sell this redesign to you, the bottom line is the hope of increasing sales and making more money.

How fortuitous that the subject of landfills and wasted food and other non sustainable’s are making the headlines recently. The world’s population is just getting too large, and they are throwing away so much (that could be sometimes recycled) food and packaging, that council dumps and landfills cannot be expected to cope continually … for ever more as it were with the crud.

TaDa!!!! Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the universal solution, which will save the planet, reduce the amount of landfill, and of course – make big bucks for the companies behind the scene.

Edible Packaging – a man made synthetic – chemical which will look good, smell good and even taste good. But that is not all, it will of course help to save Mother Earth because there will be no land fill problems as the shell, covering the product you have bought to eat, drink, and cook with etc, will be consumed by you as well.

How about an edible coating for your fresh meat? Which the company says could increase shelf life, reduce waste and do away with the need for oil-based plastic vacuum packs. It cites research that shows UK consumers spend more money on meat than any other food item, but waste an astonishing 570,000 tonnes each year. “The potential to apply an antimicrobial film in the processing factory should significantly prevent the deterioration of the fresh meat product, and save waste. It will revolutionise the look and feel of the traditional meat counter,” the company claims (pdf).

If that does not excite you there is more in the pipeline:

Harvard wizard Dr David Edwards whose previous innovations include an “breathable” chocolate delightfully called Le Whif – has now turned his attention to WikiCells – an edible membrane made from a biodegradable polymer and food particles – that can imitate “bottles” found in nature, such as grape skins.

So far, Dr Edwards and his team at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have created a tomato membrane containing gazpacho soup, an orange membrane filled with orange juice that can be sipped through a straw, a grape-like membrane holding wine and a chocolate membrane containing hot chocolate. He believes pretty much any flavour is possible. (link)

How many times do we need to be educated about the necessity of eating real foods, not chemically manufactured and altered foodstuffs to remain healthy?

The human body needs vitamins and minerals as well as proteins and fats and complex carbohydrates. Nowhere in any nutritional guidebook have I seen a chapter on the essentials of a biodegradable polymer (plastic) in human nutrition.

As long as I have the legs and arms to do it, I will shop the local Farmers Markets for fresh produce that my body can digest and assimilate into the vital organs and cells that require it to survive. I will grow what I can and shop only for items I am not able to produce for myself. These Items will not be in edible skins… other than as nature planned it.

Apples and potatoes are just great, whereas chemically
manufactured crud will not be on my plate.

About JustMEinT Musings

I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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2 Responses to Edible Crud designed to save Mother Earth

  1. dejah says:

    But even if YOU don’t eat it, microbes and other live verminy things can and will. And in 6 months instead of 500 years. And this is good for everyone.

    Incidentally, a “polymer” is just a long string of molecules. Fat is a polymer. Good luck on that not eating polymers. You do it every day.

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