an excellent article on the history of vaccination. Why it did not work then and still does not work now…. follow the mighty dollar!

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This is a very interesting article from the International Medical Council on Vaccination.

History, as they say, does have a way of repeating itself. It seems we choose not to learn from lessons of the past – history has no bearing on the now and future according to what we are learning from the ways in which vaccinations are made mandatory these days. If they are not mandatory, why are parents who are educated and informed and choose not to vaccinate their children, ostracized and made to feel criminal by the powers that be – the control freaks that run the world today. I pass this along – far and wide – for dissemination and education. JustMEinT

The old English proverb, “history repeats itself” is never better illustrated than in the practice of vaccination, a practice that became widespread in the nineteenth century and is still carried on today…

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