Cheaper Death by Prescription coming soon to a pharmacy near you

This blog could also be titled; Death by Prescription just got less expensive – or –  It costs less to kill yourself these days.

Why would I say that you may well ask?

Lipitor the world’s most well known and sold cholesterol lowering medication is soon to come off patent.

In the USA some people have been paying up to $185.00 for a month’s supply of this drug, which could (once the generic becomes available) sell for as little as $5.00 per month.

This is wonderful news according to Dr. Thomas Haffey,  governor of Colorado’s chapter of American College of Cardiology.

………. Lipitor is currently the top-seller among anti-cholesterol drugs, called statins. These medications “are the penicillin of heart disease. They save lives, get people out of the hospital and improve the quality of life,”

OMG they are the penicillin of heart disease huh? Excuse me but where did I read recently that due to over prescription of antibiotics (penicillin is an antibiotic) we have created super bugs which are resistant to antibiotics. This doctor needs to be more careful with his analogies me thinks.

Dr. Haffey says that he sees patients in his office every day who refuse to take these prescribed cholesterol lowering drugs, because of their high price. He seems to think that once the price becomes low, these patients will jump at the opportunity to purchase them, and take them for the rest of their lives.

Lowering the cost of statin drugs like Lipitor, Haffey says, certainly will help the fight against heart disease. Patients who have been going without the drug because of the expense may change their minds when they see its new bargain price.

“Any time you can reduce the costs of quality health care, we certainly are happy and encouraged about that,” he said.

Good Lord Dr. Haffey get with the times. It is indisputable that these drugs (Statins) have serious and sometime fatal side effects. They destroy the quality of the lives of people taking them, and there is ample proof they do not save lives.

The list of medical and scientific people who are against statin medication prescription is long and credentialed, and yet you sit in your office, head in the proverbial sand-box, pushing these dangerous drugs onto unsuspecting patients. You ought to be ashamed of yourself!

Get with the program Doctor, follow these links listed below and learn how to keep your patients alive without horrific side effects of prescription statin drugs.  Cholesterol is not the problem Doctor Haffey, Ancel Keys and his Cherry Picked Cholesterol Hypothesis is the problem.

A Review of Statin Drugs Side Effects and the Misguided War on Cholesterol by Dr. Duane Graveline, M.D.

STATIN DRUGS KILLBy Peter H. Langsjoen, MD

New cholesterol guidelines for converting healthy people into patients  By Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD

And for the patient – those damaged by these drugs, a web site for you and your family, please visit Stopped Our Statins

With Doctors like you it is no wonder that the United States is the leading nation for deaths by prescription. See the below adverse events reporting for prescription drugs USA.

(2000-2009 – death and serious patient outcomes from FDA approved drugs) “These data describe the outcome of the patient as defined in U.S. reporting regulations (21 CFR 310.305, 314.80, 314.98, 600.80) and Forms FDA 3500 and 3500A (the MedWatch forms). Serious means that one or more of the following outcomes were documented in the report: death, hospitalization, life-threatening, disability, congenital anomaly and/or other serious outcome. Documenting one or more of these outcomes in a report does not necessarily mean that the suspect product(s) named in the report was the cause of these outcomes.”

Editor’s Note: These data show “deaths” totaling 370,056 and “serious outcomes” equaling 2,345,006 occurred during the ten years from 2000 to 2009 as tabulated from the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System for prescription drugs. Comparing the first five years (2000-2004) with the second five years (2005-2009) finds that the number of deaths grew by +61.1% for the second time frame as compared to first. For the same comparative spans, serious patient leaped by almost three quarters (+74.0%).

 America’s Healthcare System is the Third Leading Cause of Death worth a read

 • 12,000 deaths per year due to unnecessary surgery

• 7000 deaths per year due to medication errors in hospitals

• 20,000 deaths per year due to other errors in hospitals

• 80,000 deaths per year due to infections in hospitals

• 106,000 deaths per year due to negative effects of drugs
Thus, America’s healthcare-system-induced deaths are the third leading cause of the death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer.

In the blind reliance on drugs, surgery, technology and medical establishments, the American medical system has inflicted more harm than good on the U.S. population.

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I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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