Parents have No Rights

When it comes to what children eat –
parents have no rights!

If the above statement makes you mad, confused, confounded or perturbed, then join the ever growing long queue of parents who wonder what comes next.

It seems that both the United Nations and the World Health Organization believe that you as parents are not in control of what your children put into their mouths. Obviously you have no rights, let alone a RESPONSIBILITY to say to your children ‘NO you cannot have that’.

It would seem no matter what your child decides they want to consume, your objection to it is of no consequence?

Now you and I both know that if your child finds a tin of rat poison in the garden shed, it is our duty to attempt to prevent them from opening it and consuming it correct? The contents of this would be food (to the child) might smell appealing, but we know it is seriously detrimental to their health, and as such we would do everything in our power to prevent them from consuming it. They might have seen an advertisement for the product on the television or in a store flier, extolling the virtues of this product – still we would be seriously remiss as parents if we did not do everything in our power to prevent the kids from taste testing it!

The United Nations says:  Television advertising is responsible for a large share of the marketing of unhealthy foods and, according to available evidence advertisements influence children’s food preferences, purchase requests and consumption patterns, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Well excuse me just one moment here, but who exactly is it that purchases the food for the family? Last time I looked while shopping at my local supermarket, it was Mum or Dad who were paying for the groceries in that there shopping cart!

Personally I agree that things which are advertised – deliberately to children, such as soft drinks and fast food, foods with no nutrient value and such, should be done away with. BUT I still say it is the parents who have the role and the responsibility to say NO to the purchasing of unhealthy foods – or has that duty been taken away from us?

Implementing the recommendations (according to the UN) will help countries strengthen their ability to foster and encourage healthy dietary choices for children and promote the maintenance of a healthy weight, Dr. Alwan said.

Since when did it become the duty of a country to foster and encourage healthy dietary choices for children? In my home I had that responsibility. I worked and earned the weekly wage and decided who would eat what. No government agency, or in this case (the United Nations) a non elected, self serving, would be world governing body had a voice in my family affairs.

According to WHO, 43 million pre-school children worldwide are either obese or overweight. Scientific reviews have also shown that a significant portion of television advertising that children are exposed to promotes “non-core” food products which are low in nutritional value.

Did you read that? 43 million preschoolers are either obese or overweight! And I suppose those 43 million all do their own shopping and cooking too!

Poor diet is one of the four common factors associated with the four main non communicable diseases – cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and chronic lung diseases – which are responsible for about 60 per cent of deaths worldwide, or over 35 million people annually.

Poor diet is responsible in a large percentage of cases for the huge rise in obesity. We need to ask ourselves why our government panders to the food manufacturing lobby, allowing them to taint the food supply with thousands of chemical additives to encourage the public to purchase their ‘tasty’ products.

If the United Nations and our own government health agencies truly cared about the obesity epidemic around this world, they would do something positive about all the processed foods currently available. Tax those processed foods at a higher rate, and do away with taxes on fresh foods altogether.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and eggs should incur NO taxes whatsoever. Home baked foods made from all fresh ingredients (not a packet mix) should incur no taxes. Buy fresh grains and flour; get back to making your own bread, soups, stews and fruit desserts in season. No taxes should be incurred on any of those ingredients either.

Parents still do have the final say in what foods they and their children consume, and NO is still a viable alternative, but governments can help by making the choices of foods simpler. Let’s have less expensive and healthier fresh foods to choose from versus more expensive tinned, processed, fast foods. Simple solution me thinks!

Parents it is time to assume your rights as to what you and your children eat for a healthier lifestyle.

According to an article today, Australian McDonald’s outlets will soon follow in the footsteps of their counterparts in the UK by introducing kilojoule information on restaurant menus.

Again I say that parents do have a duty to say NO to children, when out shopping – NO fast food for your lunch… how easy is that? I cannot think of many under sixteen year olds who would even understand a food nutrition panel, let alone read one. Parents reclaim your rights and learn the NO WORD….. it sure sounds good rolling off the tongue.

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