Can Governments Be Trusted – part one

Can Governments be trusted? What a leading question!

Part One

Why is it that government agencies ‘lock onto’ one or two particular so called ‘health’ villains at the expense of all others?  You would have thought by now that someone within their ranks would realize that the human body is a composite!  It is a collection of working parts, electrical motors, pumps, valves and fluids etc which all work in synergy. All these parts require lubrication, fuel and stimulus to work properly and in concert with one another.

Currently around the world government health agencies are putting plans into place to make certain categories and types of foods into ‘outlaws’. Salt, certain types of fats, sugar and even caffeine are on the lists of baddies to be outlawed – taxed at a higher rate, which it is hoped, will cause people to refrain from purchasing them.

As it is – or appears to be with the Carbon Dioxide Taxation plans in various countries around the world (think ETS, Carbon Tax, Direct Action Plan etc) those in political power have decided the ‘science is in’, there is absolute proof that these particular chemical groups / foods – are detrimental to the human body and are responsible for the world wide obesity epidemic.

In an effort to address rising obesity rates and health care costs, Hungary on Thursday implemented a law imposing special taxes on foods with high fat, salt and sugar content. The move comes as other European countries also consider policies to fight obesity.

I have been accused before of being a cynic when it comes to what agencies implement as so called ‘health reforms’, but in the opening sentence above it clearly makes reference to addressing the cost of health care! The use of that very term is an oxymoron at times, as this has very little to do with caring about peoples health and much to do about balancing budgets!

To take this one step further, if governments truly believed that sugar, saturated fat and salt were detrimental to the health of their peoples, they could ban the substances, outlaw the products or even imprison those responsible for perpetuating this heinous crime of food toxicity on the peoples of their countries. Sounds a tad radical doesn’t it? And yet they have the power to do so. So ask yourself why they do not simply put a law into place and save us all from major heart, vascular, obese and other ailments.

Think about cigarettes, tobacco and alcoholic products. Year after year there has been a growing concern that these are capable of causing serious health problems not only for those who use them, but also for those around them, who come into contact from the products (think second hand smoke etc). Have these products been outlawed? Have they been banned? Have they been seriously restricted? NO of course not. What has happened is that various levels of taxation have been applied, which ostensibly was done to deter people from purchasing and using them.

All that has really happened is that your government has been raising revenue, filling their coffers – (cynically) and politicians have been able to get wage rises each year!

Now the new and emergent focus is on obesity. It does not take much to observe that the shape and size of a high proportion of the population is changing, from slim to medium or round and cuddly to obese. This once was seen as an aging population issue. Older folks who became less active, spent more and more time in sedentary lifestyles, put on weight and began, a vicious cycle of too much weight – no energy to move or exercise.

Now the problem (and it is a problem, I am not disagreeing with these facts) begins at a much earlier age. I have myself seen toddlers and young school children who I consider to be obese. The self perpetuating problem begins now at a very early age.

So why would government scientists and paid lackeys come out in force and push for a reduction in certain food/chemical types to treat a particular health issue? What could possibly be their motivation?

HIGH FAT is one of their focus points. It does not take blind Freddie to recognise that the ‘fat is bad’ for you mantra has been around for decades. Reducing so called bad fats in our diet has not worked. Which particular Bad Fats do they wish to restrict and tax, and why?

The fats most considered detrimental to our health are Trans Fats (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) and Saturated Fats. Trans Fats are found in just about all processed foods you buy while doing your weekly shop at the supermarket. According to the UK’s Daily Mail: No substance quite so toxic has been used with such reckless abandon by the food industry  –  one which has always been notorious for taking risks with our health in search of greater profit.

What’s particularly sickening is that Tran’s fats – oils treated with high temperature – are used not because they add any pleasure or nutritional benefit, but because they are cheap and can make a ‘fresh’ product last many months on shop shelves. (Bolding mine for emphasis)

Effectively, for consumers, it’s like eating candle wax – despite years of evidence of the damage that Trans fats can do.

They can’t be broken down in the digestive system so accumulate and clog up arteries.

They are more dangerous than even the worst naturally-occurring saturated fat. In fact, nutrition experts say they are more dangerous than the butter they replaced. 

Saturated Fats are found mostly in animal products. They are commonly found in many takeaway (‘fast’) foods, in commercial products such as biscuits and pastries, and in dairy products. (* note commercial products = processed foods)

And still the government legal eagles say that natural, unprocessed fats like butter, coconut oil, lard etc are harmful to us, while they promote the so called benefits of vegetable oils, which have to undergo some form of artificial processing (Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil etc) before becoming available for us to consume.

A long time has passed since we were induced to change our dietary fat intake from natural to processed (chemically treated), all in the name of heart health and healthy living style. Guess what? During that time obesity has grown steadily and heart related disease is still rampant. We have had several food style pyramids expounding the virtues of eating a low fat but high carbohydrate diet plan – and still we get bigger!

Do we need to do some sleuthing perhaps and see which industries are paying the most in political campaign donations? Oh my goodness I am such a cynic!

From a distance it is easier to see that when a government makes an error of judgement they invariably will NOT say ‘oops I was wrong’. Invariably they will continue down the same road and compound their errors – all to the detriment of ‘we the people in the electorate’.

Does a government ever make an error?
An interesting question.

Look at these scenarios in particular as when it comes to taxing so called unhealthy food products and alcohol and cigarettes. Tobacco could have been outlawed years ago, with suppliers facing prison terms for breaking the law. But of course that would have done away with one of the government’s valuable taxation raising schemes.  The same has happened with various forms of alcoholic beverages and drinks. Alcopops were on the horizon for higher taxation recently.  Alcopop is a colloquial term describing certain flavored alcoholic beverages.

When it comes to salt and sugar and certain types of fats, Government scientists have produced documents supporting the hypothesis that these items are harmful to the human body, cause serious illness and raise the costs to the nations, viz–a-viz health and health care.

It matters not one iota when other credentialed scientists can produce scientific evidence showing some of these things to be not only be harmless, but beneficial to society in general.

For the purpose of this blog, SUGAR I do not consider harmless.

SALT/SODIUM: Advice on reducing your sodium intake should be taken with a pinch of salt, according to the latest research. Not only is there no need to eat less of it but it can also be positively dangerous for some people’s health.

SATURATED FATS:  Are essential in a healthy diet. There is a lot of excellent information available in this blog and at other places on the internet, teaching about the dangers of chemically treated vegetables oils, versus the wonderful life giving benefits of natural animal fats. (what is a healthy diet)

Take time to watch what Dr. Miller, professor of surgery, cardiothoracic division, Univ. Washington has to teach us about the benefits of eating healthy fats. Also view what Sally Fallon (WAP) has to teach us, I think you will be amazed.

Also read the article here

Conventional medical authorities say that consumption of saturated animal fats is bad for you and causes heart disease.


But a hundred years ago, fewer than than one in one hundred Americans were obese, and coronary heart disease was unknown. The Procter and Gamble started marketing Crisco as a new kind of food — the first commercially marketed trans fat. Crisco was originally used to make candles and soap, but with electrification causing a decline in candle sales, Procter and Gamble decided to promote the fat as a “healthier” all-vegetable-derived shortening


Then ask yourself, who will you listen to?

I still promote eat ONLY from the perimeter of the supermarket. We need fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy etc. Better still grow your own and when you can also buy from a local farmer. The real danger comes when we eat a diet predominantly of processed foods, cakes and pastries. These are made using chemically laden oils and various chemical cocktails of preservatives. If you avoid them, you will not be getting too much salt in your diet, you will not be eating Tran’s fats and other chemical toxins.

This articles links up with part two

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