A Journey of immense discovery


Many years ago I came across the work of Linus Pauling, which in turn introduced me to the work of Fredrick Klenner, M.D, which in turn lead me to the work of ROBERT F. CATHCART III, M.D, and lastly – but not least in my series of introductions was to Dr. Andrew Saul.  On my journey I met STEVE HICKEY, PhD (camera shy?) and Dr. Thomas Levy MD, (who I became aware of only this past week). I have read vast amounts of literature from these wonderful men and also watched hours of U-Tube type presentations.

The one thing they have in common is their steadfast scientific expounding on and faith in the virtues of (the humble) Vitamin C. Yes – that stuff we all reach for when we feel a common cold coming on.

The men named in my introduction should be termed ‘brilliant scholars’ by mainstream medicine, instead they are more often thought of as ‘quacks’ – or to be less critical, you could use the term ‘complimentary/alternative practitioners.’ Sadly that too is a derogatory term in this day and age. The Term ‘Orthomolecular Practitioner’ would be more appropriate, but each has worked in their chosen field and contributed to the science of Vitamin C.

“Some physicians would stand by and see their patient die rather than use ascorbic acid (vitamin C) because in their finite minds it exists only as a vitamin” Dr. Frederick Robert Klenner

I leave it up to you to follow the links above and learn the history of the work these men have done on our behalf. There is very little in the way of financial recompense available to scientists working with vitamins. Vitamins are natural substances and therefore cannot be patented. It is only in the ability to patent a product that money can be made. I hope that you will come to understand this fact whilst reading and watching the information contained here.

Drugs are synthetic’s (mostly) made in a laboratory, which can be patented and therefore make huge sums of money for the companies (the pharmaceutical companies) who sell them. There is absolutely no incentive for pharmaceutical companies to study and do trials on vitamins because they cannot patent them. No Patent, no incentive, because they cannot make huge sums of money from them – just the facts here!

Yet these brave men have done the experimentation. They have done the testing. They have had the papers published in Scientific Journals, and they have fought long and hard on our behalf, to have one of these Vitamins (the only one I am discussing here) – Vitamin C (AKA Ascorbic Acid) generally recognised as safe (Gras).

The FDA considers Vitamin C as having GRAS status:
Many supplement and food ingredients
with widely accepted therapeutic benefits have been approved as GRAS ingredients, such as Folic acid, Vitamin C and Calcium. The GRAS status of each ingredient also evidences safety, as determined by consumption by wide geographic and demographic populations over long periods of time.

In clinical experience over a five year period, Physician Therapeutics’ Medical Food products have been shown to have an extremely low side effect rate. To date, the number of side effects reported by physicians and patients that might have been related to our Medical Food products has been less than 0.1%, exceptionally low compared to most other prescription products.

Reading off the FDA’s own website I found: some dietary ingredients that may be used in a dietary supplement may also be GRAS for use in a conventional food (e.g., vitamin C; calcium carbonate).

That seems to put it fairly straight that the FDA considers Vitamin C as generally recognised as safe. Seems perfectly clear to me, how about you? And yet this one little vitamin has a huge controversy built up around it.

The FDA wants to ban inject-able (IV) Vitamin C infusions. As reported by the Alliance for Natural Health, the FDA has notified a manufacturer of injectable vitamin C that it will be criminally prosecuted if it continues to manufacture this lifesaving nutritional therapy. (http://www.anh-usa.org/action-alert-now-the-fda-is-going-after-vitamin-c/)

This is not only happening in the USA, in Australia doctors who choose to treat their patients with IV Vitamin C are labeled as (in my word) charlatans.

And in New Zealand, Alan Smith was deathly ill with Swine Flu and on total life support. He was determined by his doctors to be at the stage where life support was to be turned off – he was considered incurable and therefore was to be allowed to die. He was denied IV Vitamin C, which was asked for as a last resort, by his family, to attempt to save his life.

The Doctors denied the request for IV Vitamin C until his family demanded it, and the rest as they say – is history. He is alive, well, robust and active in campaigning for IV Vitamin C to be given to patients as part of their medical treatments if required.

Alan Smiths story is available for viewing here.
Power of Vitamin C Featured on 60 Minutes

Never has the medical bias against high-dose vitamin C been so blatantly obvious in a mainstream media report. You’ll want to watch this 60 Minutes segment about a man in New Zealand who was as good as “dead” shortly after contracting the H1N1 virus.

But the story does not end there, because there is a concerted effort in New Zealand to allow other seriously ill patients and their families, the right to choose this inexpensive, tried and tested, safe health modality as part of their healing process. It is a big fight and it is a fight against the establishment. The Medical Establishment and The Pharmaceutical Establishment continue to argue that this is an untested and therefore unsafe treatment, and do not want to see it open for discussion at all.

This is the part of the story where I discovered Dr. Thomas Levy M.D. a Cardiologist and Lawyer.

Dr. Levy was invited to Lecture in New Zealand by the Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition, after Alan Smith’s remarkable recovery. Their website tells us:

The Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition is made up of patients, family members and concerned citizens wanting access to high dose vitamin C in New Zealand hospitals to resolve a variety of life threatening illnesses. We are a volunteer based group and you are welcome to join us.

We have formed because a number of our family members or people we know have been refused high dose intravenous vitamin C, a registered medicine, upon request when facing a life threatening illness and death is imminent. 

This despite the fact that intravenous vitamin C is a registered medicine in New Zealand.

When you have finished watching Alan Smith Story, it is time to hear what Dr. Levy has to say. This is a long (9) nine part video available HERE, and introduced by the man himself ALAN SMITH, who should, according to the medical fraternity, have died last year when they wanted to turn off his life support.

During Dr. Levy’s presentation he continually refers to and point at slides with pertinent information. Information that you will want to read and research for yourself in this worldwide fight to get Vitamin C approved for intravenous use in sick patients. The slides with all the pertinent information and scientific references, are available HERE.

At the conclusion to Dr. Levy’s presentation I myself felt the need to stand (in the quiet of my own home)and applaud this outspoken warrior. We need more like him to assist us in this ongoing battle for health freedoms worldwide.


Health-Freedom-Truths from Mike Adams.

 ”If people let the government decide what food they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be a sorry state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” ~Thomas Jefferson


Australia is a signatory to the Declaration of Helsinki. Part of the Declaration’s charter adopted by the World Medical Organisation, states the following:

“A physician must be free to use a new or unproven diagnosis or treatment if in his or her judgement it will result in the alleviation of suffering, the restoration of health or saving of the life of the patient.”

well worth reading the entire article

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