Sperm Motility and Statin Drugs

It amazes me just how many couples have to turn for help in falling pregnant these days.


IVF was something rarely heard of when I was having babies 30 years ago. When I did learn about it, my heart went out to couples who could not fall pregnant naturally and desperately wanted to have a family.

I never had trouble conceiving, and apart from a couple of very early miscarriages (under 8 weeks) I brought to life two very healthy children. I was blessed.

Yet today I hear frequently of young healthy couples having to turn to IVF clinics in the hope of conceiving, and I have to wonder why the numbers seem to keep growing. What if anything has changed in our modern lives that could possibly be a causal factor in this?

Surely it has to be a life style factor I thought. Maybe it has something to do with chemicals in the modern diet? Possibly something to do with chemicals and fumes in our homes and working environments perhaps. Such a conundrum!

Then I remembered a few articles I had recently come across whilst researching the damage done by STATIN drugs along the mevalonate pathway.

It has been proven that Statins do inhibit some very necessary biological processes that would normally occur along this ‘pathway’. One of the chemical processes I refer to has to do with selenium, which is an essential nutrient for our bodies. Essential in so much as our bodies do not make it, we need to get it from outside sources, so that the necessary chemical action/reactions can take place. These are known as selenoproteins.

By inhibiting this chemical process, the Statin Drugs interfere with selenoproteins which are essential in the formation of new sperm, according to a review study published in “Advanced Experimental Medicine and Biology” in 2008. The selenoprotein is converted into a structural protein that forms part of the healthy sperm, according to the authors of a paper published in 2007 in “Biological Chemistry.” Adequate selenium intake is important for sperm count and male fertility.

There are many classes of selenoproteins in the human body. Selenium W is reported to be necessary for muscle metabolism and another form of selenoprotein is essential for sperm motility. There is also evidence that selenium has a protective effect against some forms of cancer; that it may decrease cardiovascular disease mortality and be essential for healthy immune response. We are just beginning to understand the various roles of this important element.

Just before I sign off for now, I want to give you a link to a story about a couple who were having problems trying to fall pregnant, and what they discovered about Statin Drugs. It may give you something to think about.



A web associate in the Heath industry also gave me this explanation as to why some sperm do not ‘make it’:

Statins drugs reduce the liver’s ability to generate cholesterol.  This decreases the amount of testosterone available to produce high-quality sperm.  Also reduced is progesterone levels.  Progesterone, in both the male and female, is what ‘cloaks’ the sperm cell during implantation into the womb so that the sperm cell is not targeted as a ‘non-self’ invader to be destroyed by the immune system of the mother to be.

(Thank You Tony)

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