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Do you try to stick to healthy, life giving foods? Do you read labels and watch out for hidden additives like Soy? MSG? Other flavor enhancers and colorings? Do you avoid all those carcinogenic artificial sweeteners as well – Aspartame, Sucralose, Splenda etc? Pat yourself on the back you are doing great!

Do you keep yourself up to date with what is happening in the food industry, so that you buy, only the freshest and best for you and your family? Do you read all the supermarket magazines that they give away to customers, promoting recipes and new food items entering their grocery stores? Well done!

Are you conscious of the amount of sugar in prepared and processed foods, and try to reduce the amounts you consume? Excellent!

Have you been following the health and industry reports on the amount of sodium (salt) in processed foods and the need to reduce it drastically? Fantastic!

If you said YES to most of the above questions, you could still be excused for not having heard about SENOMYX.

The time is coming, in fact it is here right now, when sugars and salt (to name but a few ingredients) can be removed from the processed food chain all together, and be replaced with new, magical chemicals which will simply fool your taste buds into believing you are munching on your favorite salty or sugar laden foods, but you won’t be consuming all that sodium (blood pressure risk factor) or all that sugar (diabetes risk factor). Now isn’t that simply fantastic?

If you haven’t heard about SENOMYX
think of a flavor enhancer
like MSG – only this is worse!
Let me just say this. If you want to avoid this product
after reading this, you will have to cease buying all prepackaged
foodstuffs and possibly refuse many pharmaceuticals
and vitamin products as well.

Robert Cohen and Dr Betty Martini

We are witnessing the dawning of a sci-fi food revolution. A new technology. A new food group. Amazingly, my research uncovered something nobody has ever revealed before in a column, newspaper article, or magazine expose.

The next time you read “artificial flavor” on a food label, you should be aware that a component of that new genetically engineered food additive may be embryonic kidney cells from aborted human fetuses.

The new high-tech artificial flavors are not flavors at all. Instead, they contain chemicals which have been engineered to fool human taste buds.

Future foods will need no salt, sugar, MSG, or artificial sweeteners. Instead, sensory perceptions will become warped by modern science. Brains will taste things that are not really there. Illusions. Deceptions. Memories of taste which are now artificially induced.

You may not understand the abstract of the most recent publication from this new food science, as published in the May 2, 2008 issue of the Journal of Biochemistry. I will translate for you.

The Abstract: J Biol Chem. 2008 May 2;283(18):11981-94. (see below)

I suspect it would be safe to ask most non scientific people, after reading the abstract, “what does it all mean?” Here is another question:

Q. What’s $6 today and $100 in the Near Future?

A. One share of stock from a company called Senomyx.

SNMX trades on NASDAQ http://www.senomyx.com/

From the Senomyx website:
“Flavors are substances that impart tastes or aromas in foods and beverages. Individuals experience the sensation of taste when flavors in food and beverage products interact with taste receptors in the mouth…signals are sent to the brain where a specific taste sensation is registered.

We have discovered or in-licensed many of the key receptors that mediate taste in humans. Having isolated human taste receptors, we have created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems…has enabled us to improve our ability to find novel flavor enhancers…As a result, we have synthesized and discovered hundreds of unique potential flavor enhancers and taste modulators.”

Translation: Senomyx is re-inventing food and flavor by genetically engineering taste bud receptor cell triggers. Foods of the future will contain “flavor enhancers” which fool human taste buds into perceiving the sensations of sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and bitterness.

Remember the artificial sweetener controversies? Chemical sugar-replicating compounds are listed on food labels. The new chemicals made by biotech companies will require no such labels. Although they are not actual flavors, they will be called “artificial flavors.”

How did Senomyx accomplish the task? A (multi-hour) review of their patents reveals that it all began with the cloning of human embryonic kidney cells.

Step two was a recombinant process involving the combination of genetic material from embryonic kidney cells and human adeno-virus. If I had the ability to recall ten thousand abbreviations for the amino acid sequence, plus hundreds of complex combinations of ACTG (adeneine, cytosine, thymine, guanine) I’d describe the structure to you.

For those curious scientists, do a Google search with the keywords ‘Senomyx and patents’ and the  third link (bioportfolio.com) will provide more info than you need to know. See: United States Patent #5,993,778.

How far into the future will these new biotech wonders appear in our food supply?

The future is now. The next time you read “artificial flavor” on a food label, pause to consider what you’ve read here today.

Content labels should read: Embryonic kidney cells from aborted human fetuses.

Senomyx is presently developing new products with many of the world’s largest food manufacturers including Campbell’s and Coca Cola. In fact, if you eat Nestlé’s foods, your taste buds are being artificially stimulated by biotech products developed by Senomyx.

You may now know what you are eating, but I take this opportunity to paraphrase 17th century author Miguel Cervantes, who wrote in Don Quixote: “The proof is in the pudding.”

Robert Cohen


We appreciate your comments, so please do tell us what you are thinking. And we ask also that you pass this vital information around, far and wide.

This is a big and long story with many twists and turns, but we believe you should be given as many facts as possible. To this end, we provide you with links to follow to read what others in the Health Industry are saying about this Novel Molecule.

GRAS Determination Received
Campbell Soup uses Synomyx
Synomyx’s Fake Flavors
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Natural News.com on Synomyx
Dr. Janet Starr Hull on Synomyx
San Diego Business Journal on Synomyx
Food Companies Test Flavorings That Can Mimic Sugar, Salt or MSG

Here is the ABSTRACT:

J Biol Chem. 2008 May 2;283(18):11981-94.

Small molecule activator of the human epithelial sodium channel.Lu M, Echeverri F, Kalabat D, Laita B, Dahan DS, Smith RD, Xu H, Staszewski L, Yamamoto J, Ling J, Hwang N, Kimmich R, Li P, Patron E, Keung W, Patron A, Moyer BD.

Senomyx, Inc., San Diego, California 92121.

The epithelial sodium channel (ENaC), a heterotrimeric complex composed of alpha, beta, and gamma subunits, belongs to the ENaC/degenerin family of ion channels and forms the principal route for apical Na(+) entry in many reabsorbing epithelia.

Although high affinity ENaC blockers, including amiloride and derivatives, have been described, potent and specific small molecule ENaC activators have not been reported. Here we describe compound S3969 that fully and reversibly activates human ENaC (hENaC) in an amiloride-sensitive and dose-dependent manner in heterologous cells. Mechanistically, S3969 increases hENaC open probability through interactions requiring the extracellular domain of the beta subunit. hENaC activation by S3969 did not require cleavage by the furin protease, indicating that nonproteolyzed channels can be opened. Function of alphabetaG37Sgamma hENaC, a channel defective in gating that leads to the salt-wasting disease pseudohypoaldosteronism type I, was rescued by S3969. Small molecule activation of hENaC may find application in alleviating human disease, including pseudohypoaldosteronism type I, hypotension, and neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, when improved Na(+) flux across epithelial membranes is clinically desirable.

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