WHO Manufactures Disease

People laughed and called us ‘worry warts’, even suggesting that we enjoyed manufacturing stories about the influenza vaccine. They shook their heads and walked right into the clinics and surgeries, to receive their annual influenza vaccination, plus the new one ‘the Government says we need’ – the swine flu vaccination. They even made doctors give it to their young children.

Every time they were shown valid reasons why (a) they did not need to be vaccinated, or (b) this new vaccination was purely a money making scheme by Big Pharma – they pooh phoo’d the logic, accused us of being conspiracy theorists, and went on their merry way – blindly following government health directives.

According to the international investment bank JP Morgan, the pharmaceutical industry will make more than 7 Billion Euros this year on the sale of A/H1N1 vaccines. Leading western countries have ordered enough doses to vaccinate either their entire population (such as Australia) or one third (Germany and several other EU member States). Factories making the vaccines and pills are working around the clock, in four shift rotations; with a backlog of orders …they are not experiencing the global economic crisis as others might.

But is this pandemic actually coming.
Is it here, or
did we somehow miss its arrival?

Is such a panic justified? A growing number of specialists are examining the issue by comparing the mortality statistics from the swine flu virus and it’s ‘conventional’ varieties, each Autumn they begin their march across the planet. So far, according to WHO, six thousand people have fallen victim to A/H1N1, while the average annual death rate during epidemics of ‘traditional’ varieties of flu reaches half a million.

The main cause of the hysterical response to the swine flu epidemic, according to reporters from the Danish newspaper ‘Information’, is not because it is so dangerous, but because of a strong public relations campaign by experts from WHO.

Some of them [WHO experts] are
literally in the service of the vaccine manufacturers.

“It is disturbing that many of the scientists who sit on various committees of WHO, are presented as ‘independent experts’, but they carefully conceal the fact that they receive money from pharmaceutical companies”, Professor of epidemiology, Tom Jefferson, who works at the Cochrane Center in Rome, told reporters.

Several key advisors who urged WHO to declare a pandemic received direct financial compensation from the very same vaccine manufacturers who received a windfall of profits from the pandemic announcement. During all this, WHO refused to disclose any conflicts of interests between its top advisors and the drug companies who would financially benefit from its decisions.

All the kickbacks, in other words, were swept under the table and kept silent, and WHO somehow didn’t think it was important to let the world know that it was receiving policy advice from individuals who stood to make millions of dollars when a pandemic was declared.

In another report, a Russian deputy of the Duma has called for Russia to withdraw from the WHO if an investigation into the alleged collusion between the WHO and pharmaceutical companies on the swine flu scandal proves to be accurate, according to reports in the European media.

Igor Barinov, Member of the Commission of the State Parliament (Duma) in Charge of Corruption, said that there needed to be an investigation into whether experts advising WHO received money from pharmaceutical industry and whether this influenced WHO to declare a pandemic level 6 emergency for the first time in 40 years in spite of the fact that the swine flu is neither lethal nor spreading rapidly.

Danish journalists belonging to “Information” concluded that the swine flu could be the biggest case of corruption in our era after examining links between experts of WHO and the pharmaceutical companies.

WHO recommended the purchase of the controversial Swiss-based Roche’s Tamilfu in spite of evidence the drug causes serious side effects. The Ukrainian ministry for health bought large and excessive stocks of Tamiflu.

“The organization is suspected of corruption. We certainly must carry out a meticulous inquiry before making any decision,” Barinov declared on Friday to journalists.

“If the information is confirmed, we will have to put the question of whether it makes sense for Russia to belong to WHO, and to suspend our membership if necessary”.

In Australia 2010: a first-time combination of seasonal flu with the feared swine flu H1N1 vaccine was never tested before being released for use on children. Panvax was tested on 400 children before its release last year, but the combined shot was not subjected to any clinical trials. Hundreds of children were admitted to hospitals suffering febrile convulsions.

As of today, the government has withdrawn this vaccine from the market, pending test results.

Swine flu drug companies are at the center of a scandal now as one of the world’s leading health experts claimed that drug companies have created a ‘false pandemic’.

Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, claims that the swine flu drug companies influenced the WHO (World Health Organisation) to declare the the relatively mild swine flu outbreak a pandemic. Once the announcement was made that the H1N1 virus had reached pandemic level the swine flu drug makers stood to gain huge profits with countries spending millions on treatment drugs such as Tamiflu and then on the vaccine.

‘It’s one of the greatest medical scandals of the century’ said Wodarg who’s resolution was passed to the Council of Europe which has called for an emergency debate to be held later this month.

You can read the full in the Mail on Line. (see references below)

The WHO faces two main charges. The first is that between the first cases of H1N1 being reported in March and the declaration of a full, phase 6 pandemic by its director-general, Dr Margaret Chan, in June, the organisation changed its definition of a pandemic. Critics say the old definition required that a virus result in “enormous numbers of deaths and illness”. The new definition applies only if the virus is new, if it spreads easily between people, and if the population has little or no immunity to it. A bug that causes a mild case of the sniffles could qualify.

A spokesman for the organisation insists there has been no change at all – that the old definition was an error on a single web page about bird flu, the last great influenza scare. But Peter Doshi, a doctoral candidate at MIT whose thesis is on science, politics and influenza policy, argued in a paper in the British Medical Journal in September that the old definition had been widely applied by the WHO since at least 2003.

The second charge, prominently made by Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, the former head of health at the Council of Europe, is that the WHO is unduly influenced by the drugs industry, which stood to make a fortune from selling anti-virals and vaccines. The Swiss giant Novartis, for example, saw its profits jump by nearly a third in the first quarter of this year to $2.95bn, much of it from delivering swine flu vaccines ordered last year. Debate rages over allegations that some experts who recommended the pandemic be declared, have links to drugs companies, although this has been denied. But critics note that it’s hard to become an expert in the field without having some funding from big pharmaceutical companies.

So does the Pharmaceutical Empire put pressure to bear on the WHO. It’s a rhetorical question, but the same could be asked of the FDA and the TGA.

Do your homework on vaccinations (and all other drugs) and don’t just be led, blindly like lambs to the slaughter. Who cares for you? I seriously doubt after this expose you could say “the WHO!”


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