Ban all Drug Company advertising to Doctors

To those of us who actually take the time to read and research what is happening in the world of Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Corporations and Big Media = monopolies, it comes as no surprise to learn just how much money changes hands and how much collusion there is!

It is not only money, there are innumerable back room deals taking place world wide. “You grease my palm and I’ll grease yours”.

Once upon a time I was a naive, trusting patient, who went to see a doctor when I had a medical issue, and followed all advice given to me. When a doctor, generously gave me a free sample packet of pills to take, I thanked them sincerely, figuring they must have known I was struggling to make ends meet and that their ‘gift’ to me would help out.

I grew up eventually and learned there is no Father Christmas!

Think about it – those pills came from somewhere, and it certainly wasn’t some philanthropic gift from my GP!

Drug reps stack the doctors pharmacy with samples, which are given to patients as part of the ongoing trials, to see if they work. To see if they are better than other currently available competitors drugs. I guess most patients never even consider this. Those freebies are not really free, because you are the one who is paying for them. Paying how? With your body as part of an ongoing experiment.

You think that just because a drug has been approved it is safe and effective? Oh yes it has met certain criteria – of a very limited persuasion. Now it has ‘hit the streets’ the real experiments begin. You and I are the new test subjects being watched for effectiveness and side effects. Your doctor has put you in a as a volunteer – without you ever being ask permission! If things don’t work out, and that drug does not help you get better, or worse still – causes you side effects, your doctor may take the time to fill in the ‘form’ and notify the drug company or the appropriate Government body.

Doctors are busy people no one is going to dispute that! They work long hours, the pay is not exactly the highest for General Practitioners, they have sick and sometime difficult patients (like me) to deal with on an hourly basis. I wonder how much of the initial idealism from when they first entered medical school – has worn off by the time they set up in general practise?

They get most of their continuing education from the Drug Reps, and from the Drug Company sponsored seminars they attend. On a day to day basis, when they pick up a medical magazine, to investigate some new procedure or drug/medical trial taking place, they are bombarded with Drug Company advertisements.

Next time you go for an appointment at your doctors rooms, look around and take note of items, note pads, pens, coffee cups, calenders, desk blotters etc that are liberally sprinkled around the place. Even height charts have Drug Company names plastered all over them.

I know some of the teaching hospitals and universities in the USA are trying to restrict the amount of influence trainee and qualified doctors receive, but is that enough? Many places of learning rely heavily on sponsorship – drug company sponsorship. With that sponsorship seems to come an understanding that the sponsor has a right to influence outcomes.

I want an impartial doctor, one who looks at my case and evaluates it carefully, without undue influence placed on them by Drug Companies. I am NOT a one size fits all patient – and neither are you. We are unique. We are individual, and we ought to be assessed and treated that way, with dignity.

Having said all that, it came to my notice this week that one Australian Medical Journal is baning Drug Company Advertisements. In this particular case it makes me feel rather proud. You see I have often been heard to say that we in Australia always seem to follow what the USA does, without question. For instance if the FDA approves a certain drug, we in Australia seem to follow suit very quickly – without, it seems, not necessarily doing our own research. After all, why duplicate when it must have already undergone strenuous testing prior to approval? Anyone noticed how many USA drugs are being recalled lately?   How many possibly should be?

You can’t tell me that a doctor, attending a medical school, sponsored by a Drug Company, is in no way influenced by said company? Who gives the lectures on the types of drugs available for specific illness? When out in his surgery and he/she looks up a certain disease protocol, and just by chance there is a drug advertisement to treat that disease in that publication – they can be totally impartial! Nope I don’t think so – doctor’s are not saints! Who is it that pays for expensive conferences? Who supplies all the junk advertisements lying around your doctors surgery?

It is time to remove all the subliminal and overt advertising from our doctors sphere. If they need information on a specific drug or procedure, then that should be obtained from impartial materials, not drug company advertisements in medical journals. Teach them, train them and continue to educate them without undue pharmaceutical influence. Perhaps less drugs will be prescribed, and more natural modalities will be offered as an alternative. Proper nutrition springs to mind immediately, but that thought I will hold onto for another blog, after all it is not a mandatory subject in medical school.

Before I go, I just want to refer you to a book I am currently reading.

Dr. Peter Dingle is an Aussie, who has a fantastic new book out on the shelves. He has thoroughly researched the pharmaceutical industry here in Australia and overseas, and what he has to say, may well be a wake up call for those of you who still trust that doctors can be impartial. Please take the time to get a copy of his book and learn just what is going on out there. His emphasis is on Cholesterol Lowering Drugs, but he expends considerable energy on the behind the scenes activity of the Pharmaceutical Companies business with drugs – conniving.

Cholesterol Deception   Dr Peter Dingle
The truth about cholesterol and cholesterol lowering medications

This book provides a thorough, clear and concise explanation of the real problem we face it is not a heart attack or stroke. The real problem is the modern pharmaceutical industry. For many, these drugs are the beginning of a viscous cycle of drug dependency. If you’re sick or being sick and sick of taking drugs, this is the book you need to arm yourself with to change that!

Till next time, learn as much as you can, be your own advocate and be as well as you can. More coming soon…………..   JustMEinT

About JustMEinT Musings

I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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