Anger Observations – Lipid perspective

I was watching a U-Tube presentation today, given by Sally Fallon (Right)– the topic was ‘The Oiling of America’ – a presentation of her work with Dr. Mary Enig PhD. (left)  Here is a link to thevideo and a link to a website where you can read the work if you so wish.  In summary:


Big Business, Government Agencies and Medical Organizations have campaigned deceptively against cholesterol, meat, eggs, butter and other traditional foods, leading to huge profits from sales of potentially more harmful margarine, refined foods and trans-fatty acid products. Scientific data contradicting that Public health Policy was suppressed and censored from publication for many years. Dr. Enig and Sally Fallon now tell you the truth about what happened.

It is a brilliant commentary on how we came to be fooled into believing the Cholesterol Hypothesis – that Fat is the evil baddie – and in particular saturated fat is evil, and is the cause of escalating heart disease in America – and now worldwide. She also talks about the introduction of statin medications (cholesterol lowering drugs such as Lipitor) and how they (them in power) came up with the ‘magic number’ of 200 – to determine who would need to be placed on lifelong medications. Need I say ‘follow the dollar’? Sally proved I am not merely a cynic – she has facts and figures showing who and how that ‘arbitrary’ number was chosen.

What piqued my curiosity, after doing some further reading on how statins prevent cholesterol forming in the human liver (and therefore causes a reduction in those numbers), was the possibility that those drugs could also cause a reduction in the cholesterol used by the brain.

“If you try to lower the cholesterol by taking medicine that is attacking the machinery of cholesterol synthesis in the liver that medicine goes to the brain too. And then it reduces the synthesis of cholesterol which is necessary in the brain,” said Shin. (Research by an Iowa State University scientist due to be published this month in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) may lessen brain function.)

We now know that cholesterol is essential to all body functions, every cell in the body – and in particular the brain.

We now know that the formation of synapses, or connections between neurons, is directly dependent on the availability of cholesterol. The formation of these synapses are what give us the ability to remember and learn. The benefits of sleep for memory formation and learning are in part a result of increased cholesterol synthesis during sleep.

Scientists are curious as to why some patients on long term statin therapy (and frankly that is going to be anyone who takes these doctor prescribed drugs) suffer from anxiety and depression.

The scientists previously showed that maintaining normal cholesterol levels is important for the function of cell receptors for serotonin, a brain hormone that influences mood and behavior. But the long-term effect of cholesterol depletion on these receptors, which can occur in patients taking anti-cholesterol drugs, is unknown.

The scientists turned to the statin medication mevastatin to find out. In lab tests using human serotonin receptors expressed in animal cells, they showed that long-term use of the drug caused significant changes in the structure and function of serotonin cell receptors. Adding cholesterol to cells treated with mevastatin restored them to normal. The results represent the first report describing the effect of long-term cholesterol depletion on this type of cell receptor and suggest that chronic, low cholesterol levels in the brain might trigger anxiety and depression, the scientists say.

Please note the final observation: “Chronic, low cholesterol levels in the brain might trigger anxiety and depression.”

I have also read recently that: Earlier this year, two separate studies challenged mainstream medicine’s belief that lowering your cholesterol is always a good thing. In fact, both studies suggested that statins might affect intelligence, cause depression and even raise the risk of suicide.

Again, let’s repeat those findings: “Statins might affect intelligence, cause depression and even raise the risk of suicide.”

Drug Companies and the Medical profession who they instruct, will try and convince you that you must – without question – keep your cholesterol numbers low, so as to prevent the occurrence of a life threatening heart attack. To that end you will be told firstly ‘eat a reduced fat, high fiber diet, and get regular exercise.’ If that fails to lower your cholesterol numbers satisfactorily, you will be prescribed one of the many cholesterol lowering drugs on the market.

Lipitor is probably the most well known of these cholesterol lowering drugs ( I am not playing favorites here). Now remember that your doctor, in an attempt to bring down your numbers to prevent you from having a heart attack – prescribed this drug for you – quite probably for the entire remainder of your life.

A TV ad exclaims: ‘Lipitor did it, the lower numbers you’re looking for.’ Then, a small banner: “Lipitor has not been shown to prevent heart disease … ” Isn’t that what people expect when taking the drug? In 2005, Lipitor ads no longer mentioned heart disease, it simply ‘treats’ (bad) cholesterol, a concept created by the drug and food industry. In 2011 they again mention (non fatal) heart issues but avoid the fact nobody lived longer:

I don’t know about you, but from watching television news broadcasts, it seems that there are more and more angry attacks being perpetrated on innocent victims these days. It’s not simply an angry rude finger or mouthful of abuse from an irate motorist, or growing vulgar language in the parking lot…. these things are bad enough to deal with. I am referring more to the number of home invasions etc., which involve death or serious injury. They seem to be far more commonplace than I remember.

The number of couples attending the court’s seeking separations and restraining orders has climbed to new heights as well.

There is a terrible amount of anger in our society today, more, much more than I seem to remember from my younger days. (Did I live a sheltered life perhaps?)

Aggressive behaviour, depression and suicide
Cholesterol is needed for the serotonin receptors in the brain to function. Serotonin is the “feel good” chemical in our brain that helps to keep our mood stable, and makes us feel happy. Popular antidepressant medications such as Prozac, Zoloft and Cipramil are called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) because they work to keep the levels of serotonin in our brain high. Epidemiological studies have linked low cholesterol levels with increased rates of mortality due to suicide, violence and accidents.

Studies have also shown that people with low cholesterol levels have lower levels of serotonin.

Dutch researchers measured the cholesterol levels of 30, 000 men and compared the incidence of depression, anger, impulsivity and hostility in these men, with their incidence in men with normal cholesterol levels. They discovered that men with chronically low cholesterol have a higher incidence of depression and related symptoms. Some patients experience irritability and a short temper while taking cholesterol lowering medication, which resolves when they discontinue it. One study found that school aged children with a cholesterol level below 3.7mmol/L were almost three times more likely to be expelled or suspended from school than children with higher cholesterol levels.

AGAIN: let us remember this statement: ‘men with chronically low cholesterol levels have a higher incidence of depression and related symptoms.’

And this one: “school aged children with a cholesterol level below 3.7mmol/L were almost three times more likely to be expelled or suspended from school than children with higher cholesterol levels”.

Slower brain function
Cholesterol is a major component of our brain. Our nerve cells are insulated by a fatty material called myelin. You may have heard of myelin, as it is the substance that is destroyed in the disease multiple sclerosis. Myelin is made up of 70 percent fat; 28 percent of which is cholesterol. The high cholesterol content allows myelin to wrap tightly around nerve cells, speeding messages through the brain. This is probably why having a too low cholesterol level slows your brain down. A study was conducted by Professor Michael Muldoon, as part of the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The relationship between blood cholesterol and cognitive performance was tested in over four thousand people. It was discovered that lower blood cholesterol levels in men correlated with slower visuomotor speed; this is a measure of how quickly you react in emergency situations.

LAST COMMENT TO REMEMBER: “lower blood cholesterol levels in men correlated with slower visuomotor speed; this is a measure of how quickly you react in emergency situations.”

To wrap up for now: It would seem from my recent reading that it is well know by the scientific community that adequate cholesterol is required for good clarity of thought, use of motor skills, happiness and anger management. Those facts alone should make the government sit up and take note. The drugs which they are telling doctors to prescribe could be influential in the lives of many people. Once it was assumed that nothing could cross the blood brain barrier – therefore they also assumed that statins could not interfere with human thought processes. How wrong could they be?

They also once assumed (or at least that is what they would like us to believe) that statins did not cause many people taking them to have side effects. Side effects were considered quite rare, and when (for example) my own GP was confronted with a list of ugly/nasty/unusual symptoms which had only happened since I started taking these cholesterol lowering medications, I was informed “statins do not cause this to happen – you are just getting old and NOT dealing with it !”

Think on this now: How many of the people who are getting uncontrollably angry – street rage, bashings and killings, are on prescription medications to lower their cholesterol numbers? How many young adults / teenagers have been prescribed these drugs? Watch out now, there is some evidence that they would also like to give the younger children these drugs as well.

And remember, as Mary Enig wrote: Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease but rather a potent antioxidant weapon against free radicals in the blood, and a repair substance that helps heal arterial damage (although the arterial plaques themselves contain very little cholesterol.) However, like fats, cholesterol may be damaged by exposure to heat and oxygen. This damaged or oxidized cholesterol seems to promote both injury to the arterial cells as well as a pathological build-up of plaque in the arteries. Damaged cholesterol is found in powdered eggs, in powdered milk (added to reduced-fat milks to give them body) and in meats and fats that have been heated to high temperatures in frying and other high-temperature processes.

High serum cholesterol levels often indicate that the body needs cholesterol to protect itself from high levels of altered, free-radical-containing fats. Just as a large police force is needed in a locality where crime occurs frequently —, so (too) cholesterol is needed in a poorly nourished body- to protect the individual from a tendency to heart disease and cancer. Blaming coronary heart disease on cholesterol is like blaming the police for murder and theft in a high crime area.

Poor thyroid function (hypothyroidism) will often result in high cholesterol levels. When thyroid function is poor, usually due to a diet high in sugar and low in usable iodine, fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients, the body floods the blood with cholesterol as an adaptive and protective mechanism, providing a superabundance of materials needed to heal tissues and produce protective steroids. Hypothyroid individuals are particularly susceptible to infections, heart disease and cancer.

Till next time, follow links and learn as much as you can, and eat good healthy foods to heal your body from the inside out. (JustMEinT)

And think on this. With a massive depletion of cholesterol in the brain, we can probably look forward to a massive increase (? already happening) in brain disorders like Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS etc etc etc…..

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